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Hey! Let’s Gist – Lockdown

Hi guys, how’s your day going? This lockdown is something else ?, but I believe this will pass and God will heal the world ?.

New blog post as a bride ?, don’t worry gist coming soon, I enjoyed my honeymoon even though it’s lockdown version ?.

Anyway, today’s business ?. The question for today is “How are you coping with this lockdown ?? “

Oh well, as for me, I still go to work, I am a broadcast journalist. We need to keep you guys informed ?.

Though, my means of transportation to work has changed ?. And sometimes I trek for a long time ???. I pray we get out of this soon.

Meanwhile, people shared their lockdown experience with me ? and it’s a great view, take a look ? you will have fun and learn.

Blessing ?

“The fact is jst dat we dont have a choice. The lockdown has not been really gud, its full or boredom, loneliness, no freedom of movement nd lots more. U can imagine situation whereby i meet people everyday interact nd socialize bfr, now turning to staying indoor 24/7…….infact its no more 24/7 buh 24/30….lol. I jst pray nd hope that both d lockdown nd pandemic ends soon.

Churchill ?


“Ok the lockdown has been pretty much the same thing for me, I still go to work, (cause I’m an essential worker, almost everyday, come home eat, sleep , then social media to entertain,…and exercises have really helped me too.”

Azeezah ?



This lockdown has good and bad side for me. I like the fact that I have enough time with my family because I can’t remember the last time the house was this full but then again, it’s so annoying that your every move is been watched at home. If you do small thing like this, you will get scolded and you will want everything to end at that moment.

Also this lockdown gives me the opportunity to do somethings I have been wanting to do. Like online classes, learning another language, see nice movies and also have a good sleep.. . So to me, it’s with a mixed feelings.”

Mohammed ?


“It hasn’t been so bad! But I have put on weight, saved some cash, did some online courses

So we have seen people’s lock down experience, how about yours? Drop it in the comment section ? ?.

BTW, Ramadan Mubarak to all our Muslim Brothers and Sisters ?

Stay Safe!


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  1. Oh I work from home on my bed sleeping n eating 7times a day n seeing different movies n series n sometimes I just scatter my Room n rearranged it again its either that or going completely nuts yh boring is hard I no dat now

  2. There’s a calming feeling you get when you read articles here.
    Lady Khair keep up the good job.
    Be well and be safe.

  3. Well as for me, the lockdown was a mixed feelings for me too, though I was searching for work before the lockdown and all was to no avail, but because of the lockdown I gat to join an Online money making forum which really pays me well, I earn cool cash while staying at home. I can say it was a blessing in disguise to me.

  4. My daily routine has been in loop – sleep, eat, pray, chat and read books.. I am not seriously bothered by the lockdown because I am used to staying indoors. I eat a lot, but sadly I have not put on more weight yet.

  5. It has not been soo easy… This lockdown as really caused many havoc, but in other side, there is still some benefit to it… No movement, boredom everywhere… I pray we all passed through this hard time in sha Allah

  6. Lockdown is a pleasant approach, covid-19 is the bad vibe here..
    I do more of WFH compared to field work nowadays as a telecom engineer, i have more time to bring to existence my never ending procrastinations like socializing more, taking online courses and online money making approach, body building, SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY ( still procrastinating) and redefining my essence of living..
    We pray the holy month of Ramadan wipe off every form of disease.
    Good job RONKE..

  7. The long and short of the lockdown for me is a mixture of sensations,the fact that my day has become so monotonous is draining???This is the longest I’ve stayed at home since 2016.

  8. Well the whole thing is full of boredom but I guess we have no choice since its for our own safety..I miss outside tho! my normal lifestyle ,night clubs ,game house, I miss soccer the champions league …I guess the whole experience is preparing me for big brother naija as a contender?? who knows….

    1. Woo-hoo… House mate in Biggi’s voice ?. Don’t worry, we will come out soon. You have a fan already ?

  9. The stay home experience is like hoeing same portion of land, it is like a compel and harshly enacting experience, nevertheless I write from view of others, coz as a broadcast journalist my normal routine continues, with a drastic drop in public figures interviewee. The most painful of all is that, the condition has quited me of doing wat I love to do most ‘ TRAVELING ‘

    1. Eyeah ?, I can relate. But you can conduct phone interview, but it’s extra cost ?. We will come out of this soooon. Thank you ?

  10. Hmmmmm it’s not been easy ooo
    Everywhere just dry ? But thank God ? shaa we are still alive ,we still have hope ,wen der is life der is hope?

  11. Though it look somehow but it for our own sake and for safety of our life and for me i always go to work but by 5pm i most sha return home because of the forces, as you see me am afraid of beating because they don’t know how to beat person most especially the soldiers. Thank you Mrs. Ibrahim for keeping my day.

    1. Yes, the lockdown is for us. The beating is not from here ? ?, I understand your fear. You are welcome ?

  12. For me, It is a tough time though, because I don’t have that free movement. However, I took it upon myself to learn some foreign languages (Spanish and french for now) and do some online courses. I also realized that staying at home is more expensive than I thought. Imagine my phone taking my money than myself ??, last month i used almost 35gb on my phone. Now i have used 42gb already and we still have 6days to go ☹️☹️. Comman do Data giveaway na.
    Once again, Congratulations on your marriage. Wishing you a blissful one.

    1. Wow ? Don’t worry, we will come out of this lockdown stronger and better! Nice routine but the data part is everywhere ?. E be things

  13. The lockdown is not dat bad Cus it doesn’t affect my work atall but it only affect my education (first semester exam) nd I pray to Almighty Allah to heal the world
    Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims

  14. Wasn’t fun at the beginning had so much planned for myself.; but it’s all good., going to learn to live with ourselves more

  15. Am just tired of this lockdown stuff, have been sleeping since morning nd still on bed even now, am sure my bed sef is really tired of me?my fone is now my companion

  16. As for me this, this lockdown is mixed feelings here,I enjoy being with my brother and his family,he gist us telling us some stories and fun with his children but there is no movement of take us out, after taking breakfast,if there is light Watch movies,read some novels, pray, been on social media, sleeping, have tired of it o, and my prayer is may Almighty Allah heal the world and this lockdown end soon.

  17. As an accountant in a public hospital (health worker), I still go to work whenever I’m on shift, no lockdown at all. Just that we make use of ppe. I pray we get out of this soon.

  18. As an accountant in a public hospital (health worker), I still go to work whenever I’m on shift, no lockdown at all. Just that we make use of ppe. I pray we get out of this soon.

  19. Though the lockdown Is offering me sleeping, eating and boreign. But wit the period of sitting I pass it wit reasoning and now on a mission before the lockdown end

  20. Happy married life in arrears, the lockdown has been tedious here too though I still go to work as a Nurse but as u have said the means of transportation is a case study on its own with a lot stress accompanied with it plus some armed robbers attack on my area in Lagos but things are getting better in that aspect now.

  21. Lockdown is errmm good and not so good , good because I get to spend time with my family especially my baby, she’s learning new things, new words, she is always happy and always following me everywhere. Not so good because my work load has increased, juggling between house chores, taking care of my baby, running errands and working from home. I have to stay up extra late to meet up my tasks for the day sometimes I don’t, it’s a bit tiring. But it’s all good as I am learning new ways to achieve my goals as the days passes.

    1. I’m glad you are learning new ways of realising your goals and spending time with you cute baby ?. Don’t worry about the workload, we will come out soon

  22. For MeThe Lockdown is not Really Affecting me Cuz As a Painter I Still Go to Work Whenever There Something To Do in Town But I Pray God Heals The World Set Us Free Again Cuz It Affecting So Many People Around Me..????

  23. Covid-19 that gave birth to lockdown is third ward war without missile nor gun. The whole word is under the timidity of despire where the the best swimmers drowned with no return .

    My dear ,the lock down has negative multiplier effects on the economy, social life and generality of ways of living without tangible palliative measures. Haven’t you seen protest from some married women in Ghana n parts of Nigeria complaining of over satisfaction of conjugation? While the side chicks are thirsty .

    Doors of schools remain closed .Extortion from security agents has no bound ,the fear of deadly virus in any attempt to move out and the fatigue of boredom when staying indoor with heat of no electricity.

  24. The lockdown here is not as effective as it is in either Lagos or Abuja. We are only under restriction from certain times to another. But I have a strict reservation regarding the whole lockdown. Apart from the copy and paste nature of the exercise, our country can not keep people locked for weeks without food and basic commodity. Our leaders so much love foreign things including ideas no matter how unsuitable it is to our country. Take this for instance, US report has it has a whooping 2.2 trillion dollars in stock to provide palliative for citizens. And that’s part of Trump drive to provide relief. So, of our leaders can’t come up with locally made solution to this global pandemic. It won’t take time before people take to the street and defy all orders. For, me I sleep well, read tired, eat, watch movies, make calls, browse but reduce media intake.

    1. Hmm, Our leaders are not ready for good palliative! They are sharing meager foods in the name of palliative ?. Meanwhile, Nice routine!

  25. To be candid is been kinda tough a little, drifting out of your normal way of life isn’t something easy to take, have been trying to cope staying indoor, no work, no mix up with guys is been a bit difficult but I had to start some personal development program which is one the positivity I can bring out here

  26. This lockdown is annoying because am suppose to be counting my days as an undergraduate, but now it seems like a whole year as been added, they have given everybody extra semester.
    But its for our own good sha.
    Stay home
    Stay safe

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