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? Hello fam! ? I’m here again with my little gist,  this time around I have a question for you ?.

I came across it and I feel I should share it with you guys, it is a simple question ?

Can you marry from a community or village that forbids cheating, immediately you cheat,  you die? “

LMAO ?, I know some people will say “Mad o” “this one is loud ?” yeah it is! Well, I can marry there, I can’t cheat on my spouse! 

So here are people’s reactions ?

Muna ?

” Olohun maje?. Am too young to die! What if the area is full of handsome guys nko??‍♀ I should now be closing my eyes all around?”

Okebugwu Darlington?





Hell no

Its not good. For d health”


“Yes bcos cheating itself is not gud and God is even against it. “



Lateefat ?

“Bcos I no I won’t cheat am not a cheating  type Y will a married woman self be seeing someone else ? “

Femi ?

“Well biblical We r mandated to marry only one woman we should love her and respect her,So as a Christian i can,But as a street OG  I no fit. “


Yea but i wont cus i wont enjoy d relationship as doubt nd fear may b d reason for d marraige rather than love nd survival”

Azeezah ? 

“Chai !

I don’t even know what to say.  I know I’m not going to die because I’ll be a faithful partner but my other partner nko?


What if he cheats and die, I wouldn’t want my husband to die??..

But then again, he should be aware of the rules and he should stay away from it.. 

I think I love that village, we all cherish our lives so we wouldn’t dare go against the rules … 

See I don’t even know??”




” No


What can I say self

 It’s not just possible”

Doyin ?

“Yeah y not,if I married you then its you, why shld I look for sex elsewhere while married to you.”


Saheed  ?

“Lol…no, I Cnt Cus am a human being blood is running in my vein so I dnt knw if I cn cheat or not. “  

Abdullahi ?

“Yes, I can, cos cheating isn’t good in a relationship or marriage. If you truly love your partner and care for him/her, You will not cheat ❕” Susu ?

‘I don’t plan to go about cheating on my *”husband”*  I’d rather divorce if need be”

Demola ?

‘I don’t  knw wat to say coz nobody is perfect,Condition  at tyms may cause cheat.”

 Adedoyin ?

“Yes, I can marry from there in fact I will marry from there… Why would I even cheat??? What will make me to cheat??? Am I mad ni??? I can’t cheat on my man”

???? some reactions got me rolling on the floor,  add your own ?, yeah you!  I want to know your answer ?. Drop your comments and like! ???


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