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ANIKULAPO MOVIE REVIEW : Is it worth the hype?

Hi guys, I am here again with my movie review, this is supposed to be a birthday post but I…

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Gist With Khair: Here’s What I think of Lagos

Hi guys, see who is here! Lol, I know I have been away for a while but it’s all good.…

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Battling Imposter Syndrome

Is it too late to say Happy new month? Well, it is never too late! Happy New Month and I…

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Grateful For Everything And More😍

Happy New Year🎉🎉! It’s January 2022! This is my first blog of the year. In a bid to start the…

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A Walk Down The Memory Lane

Khair🥰 If you know me very well, you’d know whenever I call on my memories, they will come running to…

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