My NYSC Camp experience (Episode 1) : NYSC Mobilization

A graphics of me before going to NYSC camp.

Hi, I promised you blog post on my NYSC Camp Experience and it is here!  This episode is about  titled just before camp. I will be talking about my NYSC Mobilization and the disappointment that came with it.

I was part of the early birds that registered for NYSC Batch C, expecting to be with the first stream but something inside me was telling me I might not be going with stream 1.

I never listened to that thing?.

Preparation wise, I was not ready for camping, I just wished they postpone stream 1 to November 2018.
To my biggest surprise, NYSC didn’t postpone stream 1 rather, I was pulled out of stream 1.

That was never my wish ?. All of my friends were mobilized with stream 1, every time each one of them call me to tell me where they were posted to, I felt really bad Of course I’m happy for them but why? Why can’t I just go with this stream?

I accepted my fate and moved on, I kept on seeing my mates pictures around, in khakhi, I was so sure that I will wear that khakhi too.

I asked questions that will aid my sweet stay in camp as I was patiently waiting for my NYSC mobilization. I always feel like smashing my phone anytime I checked my dash board to see this appalling statement “sorry you are not on this stream, you will be notified…”

Some people will say January, some after election ?.

My gosh! Will ever I ever wear this khakhi? I followed every NYSC pages on social media, turned on post notifications and all.

FInally! NYSC Mobilization.


After the wait, finally, I found out that mystream will be going by November the 15th, 2018, woo-hoo! ?, “I’m going to camp soon” I said with excitment.

Where was I going??? I didn’t know yet, initially I picked Kwara, Ogun, Kano and Rivers but I deep down, I wanted Oyo.

I was a graduate trainee at Gravity FM, I’ve met people so special to me that I don’t want to stay far away from, plus it will be easier for me serving at a place closer to my home.

Boom! ? our call up letter was out after waiting for so long, then I checked my dashboard to see the shocker of my life ? I don’t know if I should smile or cry, it was a mixed feeling at the same time confusing.

I was deployed to Ogun State but my camp address read Iseyin camp Oyo State!!!

“What is this?” “This is not Ogun State camp ?, ” I was perplexed, was I am deployed to Oyo ?? or there was mistake somewhere. All these questions were running on my fragile mind.

I tried solving this puzzle, I was hungry for information, I checked googled and NYSC social media platforms, I found out that Oyo is hosting Ogun State.

Ohhhhhhh!!! I wanted Oyo, what will I do ? Go to Ogun? come back to Gravity in Oyo state?

Thanks for reading my NYSC Mobilization story ?.

The camp experience is up next and you know what? The struggle started from the very first day ? gawd! It was fun and at the same time difficult… Watch out !!!

Read the next episode here Episode 2


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  1. Allah knows His reasons for the delay to service, enjoy your stay at camp n wish you best in PPA in the name of my big boss (Sheriff Ibrahim).

  2. Before camp wasn’t exactly subtle, its never a rocket science, though it can be bewildering.
    The thing is, do take ur time, look around and enjoy every single day of ur service year.

  3. Nice and inspiring write up…I had almost the same ishhhh but mine was rather worse than yours..a whole year difference.sh*t happens but last last we go dey alright…

    Proud of you….

  4. It shall be well with you, Allah will shall ordained unto us, and is the best Architect of our life, I have similar story either, but I have a believe that what is meant for us never pass by without fulfilled, and what’s not meant for someone will surely pass by no matter the effort we put in.
    Digest my words and choose the best out of it. All the very best for you sister.

  5. Beautiful piece, I could feel your emotions experience like I was in a story book… I can’t wait to read about the experience you had in camp

  6. Ma Shaa Allah,Enjoy when you can and endure where you must. I have nothing but a huge respect for you and much of it. It’s all good. M waiting for the next episode. May Allah makes it easy for you. Ukhtiyy.

  7. I was also praying for stream 11, but was mobilized for stream 1. But i really enjoyed Ogun state camp. Its indeed FIVE STAR CAMP. Thumbs up

  8. Wow khair, I’m really impressed, nice work…… proud of you ma’am.. next episode please ??? taink you

  9. Well done Khair. I personally feel the one-year national service in Nigeria is an “induction to adulthood” for many higher institution graduates whose fledgling minds need doses of national reality.
    From the perilous journeys across the length and breadth of the country to the sudden military drills in camp, one would find it not too difficult to conclude that the exercise is meant to instill courage, patriotism and perseverance in the minds of Nigeria’s youthful population.
    However, the National Youth Service Corps needs to raise the bar by improving the camp conditions, reviewing the quality of the NYSC fabric and ultimately paying good attention to the welfare of Corp members so that the dedication of the “corpers” is sustained.

    1. Hmmmmm, deep! They have lost the dedication of Corps members, they need to raise the bar to bring it back. Thanks for stopping by ☺

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