The Love Circle

Love circle
Family and Friends ?

I saw this post and it resonated with me so much ?, it’s not December yet but hey! It’s almost here ?. This year has been filled with ups and downs for me. Indeed a love circle

Life happened and I hit rock buttom and my family lifted me up, they’re still lifting me ?.

I had to leave my job for my MSc programme, I could have combined the two but the pay was not worth the stress and time. I also needed time for my family.

I’m not the type that would leave my job without plan, I had plans, I got a more flexible job with better pay; I was planning to resume until everything went blank!

Somehow, it didn’t work out! this happened at a period we had spent fortune at the hospital, I was so devastated and lost. We all plan but Allah is the best planner.

I was depressed, I was into a monthly contribution, which is still on, what of transport? I had plans, my school fees too. All these on my husband? nah?, if there’s anything I hate, it’s inability to contribute my little part to our family.

I started seeing my self as a burden to my husband, I sold all my crypto to renew my blog plan even though I’ve not really had time to post.

I also made some unwise financial decisions which left me penniless ???.

Amidst all these, I worked for someone and he refused to pay me, I had hope in that money but he wouldn’t pay after delivering the gig. hmmm

I was worried about how everything is going to play out, my husband took all these responsibilities upon himself, he was so supportive, I was more or less collecting weekly salary from him. He was paying the major part of my monthly contribution ?

My dad has been contributing his part ?, my mum was paying a part of my monthly contribution, and she even sends me money occasionally, my siblings were behind me emotionally and also financially.

I remember messaging Aisha and Risqoh to borrow me a certain amount of money, they were really there for me, they trusted me without hesitating.

I’m not saying all these to gain sympathy, I’m posting this with great gratitude, I’m thankful for the gift of great husband, beautiful family and good friends. Alhamdulillah.

So yeah! Family is everything and it’s indeed a love circle ?.

Love circle

This is my own story, we’ve all been through one or two things this year, for some it’s been wonderful, for some it’s been challenging, but people rarely come out to talk about these things.

Feel free to share your experience with me ?, lets gist ☺️. I’d be in the comment section, waiting for you ?.

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      1. Nice one from you, Miss Aderonke. #kudos

        Family will know your flaws but still loves you, anyway. Mostly, family makes us who we are and who we aren’t. Family can be difficult/irritating, sometimes but they are still FAMILY; a blessing. Family is just forever.

  1. Alliahmdullahi for gift of life. Its good to have good family and company of highly supportive fellows. As says goes, Eniyan laso mi…. More wins dear and barkallahifihi in all ramifications

  2. I can absolutely relate. Family and friends are everything. I’m a kind of person who is quick to loan money and count it as money saved. Now that I need money, a certain person who’s owe me accrued loan since 2017, including money earned from doing my first job ever has refused to pay a dime, lies everyday, even though I check and see money in the account.

    My friends have been assisting and I thank God for my fiance. God has been awesome too and he’ll perfect the rest.

  3. Glad to have you back and Alhamdullahi you were able to stay strong throughout those day. May Allah Continue to bless those that stood by you.

  4. This year has been full of ups and downs. It has taught me lot of lessons which I believe is preparing for a bigger tomorrow. I’m hoping for blessing while the year is coming to an end.

  5. Blood is thicker than water is the saying that holds till eternity.
    Marrying your true friend is another blessing.
    The most important of all the lessons learnt in 2021 relate to this Yoruba saying, “igba iponju laa mo ore”.

  6. Oh yeah it is really good to be surrounded by good people especially if wife find the bone of her bone life will be a beautiful place to live, also good friends can also be refers to as family because anyone who is there for you at the point of need is nothing but family.✍️✍️✍️

  7. Thank God for the gift of good people.
    This is a gift we should be genuinely grateful for.
    2021 has been really tough, the year i felt so alone this world, the year my BP was on fire about to explode at 22yrs.
    But still in all things lets give thanks.
    Hard girl, hard girl? she fall yakata for ground but the smile is so big and beautiful to hide it all behind.
    We pray for better days ahead
    2022 wi bbe grate for us all. Testimonies upon testimonies we pray ??

  8. You nailed it babe, more ink to your dear pen.
    I can actually relate with this, if you’ve amazing families and friends, my dear you will always have their support in all ramifications.
    God bless my family and the amazing friends i have got

  9. If you have a good supportive family, you’v earned one of the best gift of life. Pls if you’ve got one hold them with high esteem.

  10. I agree with you, coz this year has been nice and at the same time challenging to some of us. Alhamdulillah

  11. Friends will disown u in time of difficulties, but family members will never denia u. So is good to be love by ur family members. Good night

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