My pregnancy journey

Creating Life: A Tale of Love and Growth _ My pregnancy journey, Episode 1

Hey there, lovely readers! It’s been a while since my last update, and I apologize for the delay. Life had some surprises in store for me, and I had to face them head-on. Today, I’m here to share the first part of my pregnancy journey, a beautiful and unexpected tale – the moment I found out I was pregnant.


A Decision to Wait:

My husband and I had decided to take our time before starting a family. We were open to exploring life together and were not using any contraceptive methods. Little did we know that this casual approach would lead us to the most incredible surprise.

The Distance Factor:

As fate would have it, my husband and I were not living together at that time. He resided in Oyo state, while I was in Kwara. Our only chances to be together were during the weekends or around ovulation time. This distance between us might have played a role in “lmy pregnancy journey and the delay we experienced.

A Move to Ibadan:

In May 2022, my husband relocated to Ibadan, while I was studying for my MSc in Ilorin. When the Asu Strike hit, I decided to join him in Ibadan, setting the stage for a new chapter in our lives filled with unexpected adventures and opportunities.

Our rent in Ilorin was due soon, so it made sense for me to join him. At that moment, I wasn’t employed, but I was hopeful to find a good-paying job soon and was also eagerly anticipating the possibility of becoming pregnant.

Anticipation and Unexpected Signs:

I was diligently using the Flo app to track my menstrual cycle and ovulation. As days passed, my period didn’t arrive, and I began experiencing some unusual signs. I didn’t want to raise my hopes, as this had happened before, leading to disappointment. My husband, however, remained positive throughout my pregnancy journey and the uncertainty.

Dealing with the anticipation and cramps, I carried my pad everywhere, expecting my period to show up any moment. Around ten days later, my husband suggested we take a pregnancy test. Although reluctant at first, I eventually bought the test kit but kept it untouched for nearly a week. I couldn’t gather the courage to face the possibility of a positive result.

Facing the Truth: Finally, on that fateful day, my husband left for his morning duties and urged me to check the test. “Let’s face whatever it is, heads on,” he said supportively. As I stood there, holding the test kit in my hand, I knew my pregnancy journey and my life were about to change forever. Did I check it right away or wait even longer? Well, my dear readers, you’ll have to wait for my next post to find out!

My pregnancy journey
My chat with my husband on the test.

Conclusion: Life has a way of surprising us with unexpected blessings, and discovering I was pregnant was undoubtedly one of the most joyous surprises of my pregnancy journey.

The journey to motherhood was just beginning, and I couldn’t wait to share every twist and turn with you. Stay tuned for the next part of my story, where I reveal the moment of truth and the emotions that overwhelmed me. Until then, take care and stay blessed!

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  1. It’s Incredible how you detailed the process and it was yet another worth read frm Khair… Thank God for the progress made and I can only pray God continues to shower you and your family with much more love and grace.
    More please ????

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