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My Social Media Detox ?

Hey guys ??, I took a break from Social Media and I want to share my experience.

Why The Break?

I took this break because I needed it! Mehn! It’s because of the whole #EndSARS Saga, the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre took a toll on me! I was down in the dumps, swimming in blues ??.

I kept on telling myself, we don’t deserve these leaders! We’re asking for our safety and you’re killing us! How wicked! ??

I had mixed blue feelings, I couldn’t sleep nor eat, I hate it here! I blocked some of my mutuals Because I could not believe I have link with wicked people! How could you justify the killings? How?

On the hand, different gory videos and pictures were flying around! I really couldn’t stay offline because I have some things to attend to online! But all those posts were too much for me!

I broke down totally when I heard the Derin and Oke’s Saga! I couldn’t stand the pain! Her agony, Oke’s mum and other family members. ???????

I had to get out of social media for my sanity! I was off work and social media.

How did it feel?

Niceeeeee! The first day was hard, you know I like to be online plus boo was not around on the first day, and I always want to update him about everything aside phone calls

I used my private line to open a new WhatsApp! It’s just him and I, no one else. It’s like a new world, I left Twitter, Instagram Facebook and WhatsApp.

I avoided all news channels, I was glued to Televista, Eva Plus, Fox and NG Wild. Gradually, I started feeling good, I watched some tutorial videos I had downloaded since. It was refreshing.

Second day, bobo’s around, I forgot my phone totally ??, it’s just us in our little world, doing the do ?, sleeping, watching TV, eating and all.

Bobo’s still online though, so news got to us about the 24-hour curfew, we stayed indoor, we took a stroll in our area, we watched our team’s match (Man United vs Chelsea)

It was all shades of fun. I asked if everything is calm before coming back, I’m back to work as well. Going offline is not that bad, I enjoyed it. My mental health is important, I have to protect it!

My heart goes to all the victims of this injustice????. I’m proud of Nigerian youth, I love our strength! The lazy Nigeria youth doing what the hardworking adults couldn’t ???( It’s not my handwriting o)

So let’s gist! How did you manage this period, the emotional meltdown, the whole chaos, drop your comments, I’d be replying all. Stay safe♥️

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  1. Well, Nigeria is not worth dying for. Taking a break is the best option you have fallen to, I love the idea, at least, it gives peace of mind. As for me, zip couldn’t dare leaving online. Funny right! No. Being online at that very point in time is just to carry people along. Many were traumatized in this cause,some had a tempered mental health, so I just have to be online so we can all be on the same page. In summary, show me the way out of the country; I’d find my way out. Peace Out.

    1. Wow! Well-done for keeping people updated ?, thanks for reading.
      Meanwhile, We all need a way out, if you see any,let me know ooooo

  2. I must say that it is not a good time to be a Nigerian, to cushion the effect of the whole thing, I have to pure out my mind whenever I have the opportunity being blunt really helped.

    This period really make me to understand that we have future leaders and burners cum looters in this country. Choosing rightly during next election is very important to the future of the country.

  3. That’s because u were connected to the earlier movement,u personalized it since it’s from your generation, when u see how things are crumbling with ur initial believe that ‘the change is here’, u feel hopeless of the whole situation, and heart shattered. But now u are a better person. U have learnt: Like I have mentioned that this is the beginning and the end of this generation cos ur children too will soon be here to judge u. It is now u shd start working on the response to tell ur children, whether u will find out what went wrong or u will just blame the older generation.

    1. ???????, it’s sad! But we need to restrategise, we have learnt our lessons. We ain’t giving up though ????. Thank you

    2. This isn’t the best, not the way forward either. We should not have to think of the response or excuse to give our children because we expect our generation to also fail to influence the government positively.

      We won’t stop now or ever.
      Our children will see the stories, we won’t have to create a story to tell them.

  4. It was hard. I cried. I lost my appetite. I deleted IG, wasn’t on Twitter but I also stopped viewing WhatsApp status and stayed off FB completely. WhatsApp was necessary because of work. Right now, I’m still healing. I still haven’t downloaded IG though

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