Hey! Let’s Gist ? – Body Shaming

I’m slim , tall and beautiful! I like me, I like my little everything, I like my long fingers and legs. Body shaming me is a waste of energy ?, like how is my body your business? I like me and you don’t have to like my body (Do you even need to?).

Come back here ? ,I was a little bit serious ?. It’s another gist section with me ? and it is about body shaming!!! The question ?Have you ever been bodyshamed? If yes how and what’s your reaction to bodyshaming?If no, what’s your general take on bodyshaming?Hmmmm ?, I’ve faced a lot of body shaming. My secondary school days ehn ?, I was called all sort “Alaragbigbe” ‘Tinrin gbeku” “Dogo“.

To be honest, I lost a bit of my self esteem but as time goes on ? I realized my love for my body structure. I like everything so why should anyone use it as a weapon for shaming? I started taking it as compliments ?.“See your bone” oh I love it!You’re too slim “ well I like it this way ?. Is it your slim? Your bone? Is it not my body? Tell me what exactly is your problem? ?Oh well, I have my vox pop!!! Take popcorn and read people’s reactions. Please add yours after reading ?


Hey Let's Gist- Body Shaming

It’s really a bad one for me,at a point,I lost my confidence….even my family body shamed me,for crying out loud I didn’t create myself,not even for someone that watches her weight and you still go ahead to make her feel less of herself,it’s really bad…To think some would even use that as a factor for one to get married early,like really?

Ajibike ?

Hey Let's Gist- Body Shaming

Not exactly but they say I’m too skinny and I reply sweetly that I have stronger bones than them.But there’s this boyfriend I have that likes bleaching. People called him ashewo but he didn’t stop until one girl he want toast told him she can’t trust guys who bleach their skin.


Yes I have.
I have been ridiculed due to my height and skinny body.
Body shaming is another way of bullying people. It has a long lasting effect on their self esteem and perspective about themselves.

Dolapo ?

Hey Let's Gist- Body Shaming

I’ve never been body shamed, and I think body shaming is a very bad thing, it’s just like being a racist! It can make some people feel less of theirs selves. Dolapo

Azeezah ?

Yes oooo..
So many times..
People tell me that I look skinny and short.. That short part is even worse. If it’s coming from my close friends, I don’t feel bad though because I know they’re joking but from an outsider, it wouldn’t look cool at all. Bodyshaming isn’t too good. It’s not everybody that likes play like me, some people can actually commit suicide because of that..

Dare Akogun ?

Pple get body shamed in secondary schools d most,If you are buggy or fatty bombom If u r skinny rírìn gbeku.

Palis ?

These are matters that mean very little to me. As a very tiny child while growing up I was called. All sort of names relating to a small boy with big head.
But as I got older, it didn’t matter anymore to me. Non existent. For instance you could say the sky is blue and you won’t feel any concern what so ever.
My opinion for body shaming especially for slim people is this.
We’re slim, skinny, thin and we are proud! Because we know that if lion is chasing everyone we’ll outrun the overweight people ??

Oyin ?

If by people telling me, “oh, you are too short”, is body shaming?
Then, that is it.And I have never taken those comments to heart. In fact, it never bothers me.
I mean, this is me- a product of my mother and father gene.So, I see no wrong in my make up because I have parents who embraced how they are with no questioning.

Wow! You see, Body Shaming is bad and we all need to stop, before you throw those body shaming stones, ask yourself “Is it my business? then use the answer to judge yourself.

She is too fat! He has no six packs! He’s too short! She is too tall! Gbogbo eleyi o nessestri (It’s uncalled for).

Drop your comments and I want you guys to know you are beautiful. XOXO


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  1. Have been in that space a couple of times people tend to say have gone from slim to fat cos i eat too much and me i barely eat three square meal i use to reply them angrily before now but then have learnt that looking the other way just saves you a whole lot of stress.

  2. Lady Khair has done it again. I read this piece with great enthusiasm. The stories of the people always add and extra brush stroke to the beautiful canvas of life. You get the picture yeah! ?
    Albeit body shaming is bad, we much constantly strive to have a healthy body, being over weight or under weight comes with its own set of illnesses.

    Keep up th good work

  3. Well, I do get bodyshamed by most people. To even think people use this as a yardstick to get marry early is completely out of it. You’re too fat, you should watch your weight, you should do this, do that yen yen yen. These comments used to get at me before, but it doesn’t matter to me again. Call me whatever you want, I am beautiful just the way I am and I love myself.

  4. Body shaming is something I go through everyday its like my good morning anthem n breakfast but still I don’t let that gets to me cus the way I am is not anyone’s headache or business so y should I worry nor think when dy r not my God or parents, They say pikin no fine nor fat but e mama like am so y should I worry about trashy talk

  5. Just one question to everyone body shaming people should ask themselves.
    Did I create myself?
    If the answer is NO then I see no reason why anyone should body shame any body because it could be you in the body but because you are created in a regular size doesnt give you the right to make people feel less of theirselves.
    Everyone is created beautifully.
    And all the chubby slim regular kings and Queens, no matter what anyone says, always be proud of yourself. It is your body and only you got you .?

  6. I have accepted my fate a long time ago on body shaming, for me it has been a song and anthem from friends always, anytime any day what I get from friends and family is when will you get fat, is that a greeting or compliment, I have learn to live by the compliments and still a happy person always.. people must talk that’s my take.

  7. Wow! Screenshot has come again oooo… . Well body shaming is bad. I do get it from many people by calling me many names like Larondo, Lepa, u better use mawu to get small shape bla bla bla………. Is none of their business I love the way I am. Thank you cheese ball

  8. I detest body shaming like but my parents won’t let me sleep on this shape, sometimes they will call me at school to stop fasting…. Even my mum will bring me a lot of eggs and milk but it isn’t working. Some secondary school friends, do say I should go marry that when I settle down, I will understand

  9. I think almost everyone has been body shamed one way or another. But, I’ll say this “Their comments don’t make you. You’re beautiful. You are enough.”. This is coming from someone who was body shamed by virtually everyone, including family. I did lose my self esteem at some point, I mean I had the easy to notice body, fat and tall. Yes, I said fat. To me it’s just an adjective to describe myself and nothing more. It doest make me. I was ugly until I started telling myself “You are beautiful” and nothing anyone says will change that.

  10. Poeple have body shame me several times too, but I dont let it get into my head because they’re not my maker, and sometimes when people body shame you, believe it or not they love your shape, its just that they dont know how to say it or they’re jealous of you.

  11. Well, the reality is that how people react to body shaming is different. Some see it as a normal thing, some feel embarrassed, some laugh over it. This is not to say it is good or bad, but we just have to get over it and move on with life.

    Don’t forget, we are created with the best of stature. Either you are thin, shubby, tall, short and the likes.

    Kudos to you

  12. It’s a really bad one for me… I think people needs to put a stop to it.. Whereas we didn’t create ourselves. At a point in My life I loose confidence in myself.. Different compliments from people. You’re too slim. People called me different sorts of name including my friends and family . I got fed up to a point that I made up my mind, and put soo much confidence in myself, by Saying am extremely gorgeous and am every mans dream. Slim or not I still rocks the world.

  13. I love myself, i love everything about me,and am beautifully made. Since my body is not their body. Alhamdulillah, am ok with my stature. People have bodyshame me several times so it’s not new to me its cool. All sort of comments from different people even people of the same stature like me. Well thanks to them today those comments sounds like jokes to me. Sometimes they be like shé you, you no dey eat better food at all ni¿ and I wl reply them that it’s not lack of food or better food that has made a cat smaller than a dog,nature designed it so. So ema bayii.

  14. I’m beginning to fall in love with my body shape lately, ever since Ramadan started, I’ve been loosing my weight and I’m loving it. I initially love my body shape just that before Ramadan,I’ve been putting weight but Ramadan has been a blessing. I am tall, fair and good looking.

  15. Anyway, the acceptable fact about me is that, I am not a product of mistake, taking to that, I always do welcm all sort of reputation which might not really defined my intense identity, howbeit, I love my Biggi. The most common says of all is that, ‘ Sunday O tin tobi ‘ this has been my tough clause, not until A man on same day told me ‘ Sunday kilo se e, o ti n Jo ooo ‘ lol

  16. I don’t subscribe to body shaming and i have never experienced such perhaps i don’t think anyone can ask i don’t give room for that (self respect, know those to relate with)..what people think about you shouldn’t get to you but what you feel about your self so that brings us to the question: DO YOU REALLY LOVE YOUR BODY OR IS IT JUST A MATTER OF CONSOLATION?
    Some body factors are fixed while some(stature) can be adjusted to your taste if you are committed. For the slim guys IF you are not cool with it, you can indulge in muscle gain workout sessions and the fat can do the weight loss…it is high time you stopped blaming your tailor or the designer of your nice shirt because it doesn’t fit or look presentable and take responsibility of your own body..

    Best regards?

  17. I am a victim of this too, in my house or amidst my friends, my mum is the worse she has given me names , sometimes I’ll sit down and cry to God and ask him why he created me fat, until one day I told myself that I am beautifully and wonderfully made in the likeness of God anybody that body shames me is indirectly abusing God, I’ve seen people that are fatter than I am and don’t have shape and they still carry themselves with confidence and they look smart and gorgeous , i am fat with shape , i love my body , I believe what everyone needs is confidence to me tackle these body shammers

  18. The shape of everyone’s body is the product Supreme Blacksmith Who shapes it as He likes .Apparently, He’s infallible master of creator. Accept your faith or defame yourself .I’m neither Short nor tall . Alhamdulillah !

  19. Body shaming can be a very frustrating thing, some people will call me shorties, another one will say I have bow leg, actually i use to feel somehow before but right now the reply I give them usually is how much has your height earn you, if they are not allocating any money to being tall, my dear I love my height and the kind of leg I have got.. Shortie with bow leg, thank u

  20. Yes I have. Made me skip dinner one whole month. I stopped when I realized I don’t care.

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