By : Mozeed Salam

Life is one very difficult phenomenon to dissect. This is so because the apex stage of someone’s knowledge about the concept, happens to be some other people’s starting point. Meaning, no one can boldly say he/she knows all about life…Never!!
At a point while growing up, one will definitely want to back out in the race, thinking about how messed up the whole life is.

This actually made me ascribed deeper meaning to Naira Marley’s song “soapy”. The analogy made by the controversial artiste in the song, ” inside life” is more than just a slang.
Many unimaginable things are taking place inside life. In the song, Naira Marley was able to ascertain  that no one is a saint/pure, everyone is just hiding under the finger nail.
“Inside life” is where you see the so called religious leaders engaging themselves in some  other dubious and clandestine dealings which is away from what they are preaching to people.

“Inside life” also witnesses the celebration of mediocrity over excellence. Huge prizes are been awarded to non educative competitions while little or no cash is given to high intellectual beings.
The love of instant wealth has filled the minds of the young ones nowadays. Everyone wants to get rich at a very tender age mostly through illegal means.

“Inside life” also features seeing someone living an affluent life today before the twinkle of an eye, he is “down” and vice versa.

Just few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a man while crossing to my mom’s shop. The man was looking tattered,feeble, unkept, almost dressed like a mad man. I had to wait for him to pass before I could cross to my destination.

When I got to shop, my mom then told me that was one of my dad’s  ex-classmates . This man was one of the movers and shakers of the town back then. What could have caused his negative turnaround (which is known to none but God) went through my mind for like 45-50 minutes. This is bad!!, I concluded.

After a while in the thought, I brought my phone out to check the latest update online. The first post I saw was the appointment of another dad’s ex-classmates by the President of the federation. This is a good news for real, I said.
I experienced the two sides of life that day, all within an hour!!. Many unimaginable things are taking place “inside life”, we will keep in touch as event unfolds…….✌🏻✌🏻

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  1. Life is bigger than the appearance and smaller its activities. Inside life the son of the eats without bone nor flesh , inside life the crown prince becomes slave and and son of a slave becomes crown .Inside life ,fish consumes the fellow fishes to survive .

  2. Life is bigger than the appearance and smaller than its activities. Inside life, the son of the rich eats without bone nor flesh , inside life, the crown prince becomes slave and and son of a slave becomes crown .Inside life ,fish consumes the fellow fishes to survive .

  3. Well penned my dear breeding pen. It’s so invigorating and enthralling… more ororo for your head.

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