Remembering My Mother-in-Law: A Tribute to Jadesola Amope

I never anticipated writing my first post of 2024 in this somber tone. It was meant to be filled with cheer, but instead, I find myself still grieving the loss of a cherished loved one, my mother-in-law.


Jadesola Amope, My Mother in-Law in a black Abaya made by me and a white scarf, she's smiling in the closeup shot

The pain of her absence cuts deep because she wasn’t just a mother-in-law to me; she was a second mother. Her kindness was unparalleled, often leaving me questioning if I could ever live up to her standard when I become a mother-in-law myself. From the moment I gave birth, she showered me with a princess-like treatment, going above and beyond to ensure I rested and cared for. She not only tended to my newborn but also insisted on washing my clothes alongside the baby’s, a gesture that spoke volumes about her selflessness.

My Mother in-Law holding Dayyan during his naming ceremony
A picture of Jadesola Amope and me, during My first baby naming ceremony.

During my illness shortly after marriage, she was so supportive, staying by my side, caring for me as if I were her own. And when I ventured into my fashion business, she generously gave me her vintage sewing machine, she went to a long distance to ensure it was in good condition before delivering it to me. Mummy Ilorin, as she was affectionately called, was always checking in on me, ensuring my happiness and well-being.

A devout prayer warrior, she would intercede on behalf of others, offering guidance and solace through her heartfelt prayers. Her hospitality knew no bounds, ensuring that anyone who visited her home was treated to a feast fit for royalty.

On my wedding day, she embraced me and declared that I was now her last born, her daughter.

My Mother in-Law and I only wedding day, we're both on white.

Her kindness was boundless, and even now, it feels surreal to accept that she is truly gone. While they say acceptance is the final stage of grief, I find myself lingering in disbelief, unable to comprehend her absence.

It’s been four weeks, yet the reality of her passing hasn’t fully sunk in. I still find myself recording videos of my son, Dayyan, to send to her every Friday, unable to shake the feeling that she’ll return any moment.

If you’ve read this far, I ask for a prayer for my gem, my dear Jadesola Amope. Rest peacefully, knowing you were loved beyond measure. Though you didn’t get to witness your grandchildren grow into adulthood, your legacy will live on through the stories we’ll tell them,a testament to the beautiful soul you were. I will forever cherish the time we shared, and I hope that wherever you are, kindness continues to surround you. Farewell, until we meet again.


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