Ayinla Movie Review : Ayinla Omowura’s Biopic

Currently listening to Ayinla Omo Wura while writing this Ayinla movie review ?.

If you’ve not listened to any of his songs, you should try and check them out! It’s actually making me flow well with this blogpost ?.

Ayinla is a biopic of the popular Apala musician Ayinla Omowura, directed by Tunde Kilani.

Ayinla Movie Review


The Ayinla Omowura’s biopic centered around Ayinla who is in his prime, a known musician who’s well listened to by his people.

You cannot mention Apala without mentioning Ayinla, the biopic gave us a picture of his lifestyle.

He’s temperamental and his love for women was not hidden. Promiscuous? Yes! He’s fashionable and loves to look good.

Ayinla carved a niche for himself which is why a show promoter, Ajala reached out to take Ayinla and his Band to London.

Apala to London.

Ayinla Omowura's Biopic

Ayinla was preparing to go to London when he set eyes on his Manager’s girlfriend, Deborah, It’s love at first sight.

Ayinla snatched Bayewu’s (His manager) girlfriend which led to a major crisis in the band.

Bayewu who didn’t properly introduce his girlfriend to Ayinla left the band because of this issue.

The issue led to Ayinla’s death during a confrontation with Bayewu.

He didn’t go to that London ?.

Ayinla Movie Review

Ayinla Omowura’s Biopic


The storyline is not a bad one, no scene was unnecessary. The continuity is good too. I love how everything weave around eachother.

There’s no room for unnecessary comic relief unlike majority of Nollywood’s movie.


Ayinla Omowura's Biopic
Lateef Adedimeji as Ayinla

Oh my God! I love the costume so much! I love everything about Ayinla’s outfit! He was well respresented as someone who cares about his appearance.

There was a scene where he was asked to wear a singlet for an Interview and he left in annoyance ?.

He emphasized on how expensive his lace is. Ayinla loves lace and it’s obvious in the movie.

Aside Ayinla, all the outfits came out well. Jaiye’s fit, Deborah, Bayewu’s outfit and his hair ??.

I can’t omit Ajala’s alte vibe and his classy outfits.

Ayinla Movie Review
Bayewu and Ajala

I love how Adire was flaunted in the movie too, there’s rarely a scene without adire.

Ayinla Omowura's Biopic
Ade Laoye as Jaiye

Deborah’s attires is worth noting too, subtle bad b.tch vibe (atleast for that period).

Ayinla Movie Review
Alhaji and Deborah


They were careful enough not to use any modern props. It’s so good to see those old plates.

The old Mercedes, the cars, the house, beds, the bars and restaurants, the furnitures are all archaic which fits the story perfectly.


Oh I love the Egba Dialect!

I especially like the fact that they didn’t force English into the Biopic, It’s all natural. Just 1-2% English.

Ayinla Movie Review


What do you expect from a biopic of apala musician? They did justice to song selection.

The way the storyline and songs link is top tier.

For example, when a journalist asked if he was kidnapped, we have a song where he was dissing those who said he was kidnapped.

When they settled the fight between him and Olowonyo, there’s a song to that effect.

It’s surreal!


Perfect casting! Adedimeji Lateef bodied his role as Ayinla! You will see he put in work for the role.

He did a wonderful Job for someone who didn’t listen to Ayinla Omowura’s songs before featuring in the movie.

The lip syncing, the poise and the aura is there.

Adebowale Adedayo played the Bayewu’s role very well! The way he talks, how he walks and all.

Kunle Afolayan as Ajala, Jade Osiberu and her boss, omowunmi Dada as Deborah and other members did a wonderful job!


I love everything about the setting, it brought out the beauty of Abeokuta. The buildings and all.

Using Ayinla’s house is a big plus!


Know how to manage your anger!!!Ayinla’s anger is part of what led to his untimely death, it’s so sad he died at the peak of his career.

Learn to say the truth!!! Bayewu should have told Ayinla the truth. I don’t think Ayinla will intentionally snatched Bayewu’s girlfriend but he lied.

Listen to advice (not all the time) : The baba warned Ayinla to avoid anything that will make him angry but he didn’t listen.

Don’t mix work with pleasure: Ayinla has several wives and concubines, what else was he looking for in Deborah?

Lastly, avoid thuggery!

Ayinla Movie Review

RATING : 8/10

Where’s the other 2? My arrière pensée

I would prefer a docu-drama, the story looked rushed and didn’t really capture the entire lifestyle of Ayinla (No documentary can, but it will go a long way)

I would have loved to watch how his band was created, how he started and his journey.

Maybe if they talked about how his journey started, they won’t miss the chance to feature his drummer Adewole onilu who is actually the brain behind the band.

In addition, I would have loved if Lateef Adedimeji had Tribal mark make up to fully depict Ayinla.

Ayinla Omowura has tribal Mark.

I heard the Show promoter is the popular Ajala Traveller. I wonder why it’s not mentioned ?. I know the movie is not for him but maybe he’s not refered to as Ajala Traveller back then.

What happened to Bayowa? I think it’s worth noting.

Lastly, I feel the comments at the beginning should come last.


Will I recommend? Absolutely yes! It’s a great movie, kudos to those who made it a sucess, the BTS crew, the actors, the director, writer, producer and everyone.

Its a movie you should see, go and stream on Netflix.

That’s my review of the Ayinla Omowura’s Biopic , Have you seen the movie? If not, why? If yes, what do you think about the movie?

Lessons learnt? What did I miss?

To read more about the Apala legend, check here Ayinla Omowura Read my previous post? #15thHeadies

Pictures not mine.


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  1. You’ve done a really good job analyzing the movie. I enjoyed the movie and I will also recommend it for others. Ayinla might not have actually died at that place if at all he will die if he curbed his anger. And to even think he went to that beer parlor to resolve the issue. Yorùbá had said it all “ìbínú ò mọ̀ pé olówó òun kò lẹ́sẹ̀ nílẹ̀”

    1. Thank you for this comment! It’s so painful because he actually left home hoping to resolve things with Bayowa. His anger was his Waterloo ?

    2. This is beautiful Khair, I love your criticism, you literally analyse the play, I love every part of the movie, it’s the best biopic I have ever watched, director paid attention to every little detail, it’s impressive, I look forwardindeed to Funmilayo Ransome Kuti Biopic , I hope it’s as good as this,so sad he died in his prime, I wish baba TK can do biopic of Kurunmi it’s gonna be a banger

      1. Thank you for your nice words. Yes! I will love to see that of Funmilayo. I only heard of Kurunmi from Beautiful Nubia song, guess it’s time to check him out ?. Thank you Beatrice

  2. This review is everything ?… I also didn’t like the comments in the beginning, it was like a spoiler. The comments weren’t long enough and sufficient too, for example, Ajala the traveller, Bayowa and others that couldn’t be portrayed in the movie could have been mentioned in the movie. I really enjoyed the movie though, I have to see it again.

    1. Thank you! The comment at the beginning was a spoiler, when the man was bathing Ayinla’s dead body, I already know what to expect. I enjoyed it too ?

  3. I love the way you analyzed everything, it makes me want to consider streaming it. I thought it was overhyped before but with your rating?I’ll reconsider
    More inks to your pen babygirl ?

  4. The sunshine of southwest and legendary Apala orator. Friends do call me old school based on my interface and music library is full of Fuji, Apala, Agidigbo, Awurebe and many more ?. Yeah Ayinla did not go London if you’re concessed with his music very well *Abi London ti awi ti ya* (we are ready to travel to London). I’m not fan of Nigeria movie, I must commend great work of Kilani Tunde, Lateef Olademeji, Afolayan, Mr. Macaroni, Kenny, Babylawal and many more its not easy to bring the storyline to limelight. I do follow the Tunde Kilani post on Facebook and Lateef Olademeji interview on progress of the project. My Grandfather do tell me the stories of those legendary musicians especially Ayinla and Fatai Olowo nyo, he once narrated that Ayinla is known with Charm (his Dad is Babalawo) and anger, and handsome. Let say Ayinla love women, according to what Gpa told me, he do carry 3 boxes to his show one with weapons, charms, and third boxes to pack money. Babylawal we dey gbadun you, more kudos. You’re blessed in all ramifications. The analysis is sublime.

    1. Thank you so much! I enjoyed reading your comment! It’s another great insight! I didn’t know about the three boxes, thanks for sharing!

  5. No, I haven’t seen the movie. This is because of the hype, I might not be watching it anytime soon.
    And I must say, you definitely look at movies critically, because the analysis is superb

    1. I get! I sometimes hate when people overhype things. It’s worth the hype though, thank you ☺️

  6. I have been trying to watch the movie since last year, couldn’t get the chance to go to the cinema, but I decided to watch it after reading your analysis yesterday, it was the way you said it.
    The movie was perfectly done, and it was detailed
    But I would have loved it if they paid may attention to Ayinla’s personal life, his polygamous ordeal, because I know that his song Ise Ile was about himself and his wives, I would have loved to have a peep into how he was able to manage his wives.
    And also more of his temperamental behaviour

    Also, I think he didn’t deserve his death, but it is a lesson that some seeds should not be sown because we might not be able to prevent them from germinating and bearing fruit.

    It’s like someone who has been a cultist and later renounces it, he might letter get killed even though he is now a changed man, why? He has made a lot of enemies who would not care about his present personality but would want to get their revenge.

    Although Ayinla has turned a new leaf his past hunted him down.

    The guy that provoked him did that based on his past knowledge of ayinla, he wanted to confront him, to show ayinla that he is not a monopoly of violence, and Ayinla took the bait.
    It was Painful

    1. This well detailed! Thank you so much for taking time watch and writing this ??. His death is too painful, he went there to resolve things. The guy intentionally used his anger against him and he fell into the trap ?

  7. Wow, what a gorgeous costume. I love the colors of the lace! Thank you for sharing your great movie review, I’m always looking for new recommendations and can’t wait to check this out.

    1. Yeah, they did well with the costume, it’s colorful. Thank you so much for reading! ❤️

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