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Hey! Let’s Gist ?

Hey what”s up? ? I’m here again with my little  gist, will I even call it a gist ?. 

So I saw something on twitter and it was a question with comic response  like “Can  you marry someone who was once  mad ? ” the response was “what’s wrong in marrying someone from Lagos? “???

Oh well, I’m sorry Lagos people but that city, you gonna need  some dash of madness topped with craze to survive ?.

Back to the question, can I?  I Hummulikhair Aderonke Lawal omo oba ?, this is tricky ?.

I need to check family history?, So I won’t get our children into deep shit. 

Well, I can marry the person, depending on the situation, it’s all in the past and if it’s not going to be a threat in the future ?, I’m good. 


People’s Responses ?  ?

Idowu Sodoli 

Idowu Sodoli
Idowu Sodoli

“Lmao, Never

I feel mad atimes,  If two unwell people marry, their generation is doomed ?”


Miharbi Zeeza


“Male or female??

 I can, 

Its involuntary

Was once mad,now fine

Dat was her past which will all have with different experiences”.




He can be mad again

Plus I may keep seeing him as mad.”

Abdulateef Adeyemo

Adeyemo Lateef
Adeyemo Lateef

” This is serious question that  demands tactical answer for me, I can marry her but the family members might not support with the belief that it could be genetic.”



“Once mad but now okay,

Yes I can 100% so far I love him. “



“Hmmmm, that’s a tough one. But I can’t say I can’t marry someone who was once mad, because he might actually be the man for me. And the fact that he was once mad does not mean he shouldn’t be loved. He that was once mad  can can be human than the 1  that didn’t even fall victim. And above all, love conquers all. If I love  him to the extend of getting married to him, then I will.”

Wow, there are different angles to it ?.  What’s your take? Let me know at the comment section ? .

Can you marry someone who was once mad? 

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