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Hey! Let’s gist 😍 

Hey guys, let’s gist 💃! Compliments of the season lovers 😘.

As usual I have a question for you and it for ladies. Ladies let’s meet at the comment section,  guys get in here observe and add your honest opinions too 💓❤💖



Ladies, Your husband and your father are arguing. Your husband says get in the car, your father says sit-down. What’s your next move? 

Hehe🤥🤦, hmmm. Well, I put my parents in a very high place and my husband is in a high place too that’s why I expect him to respect my dad enough not to get into any argument with him.

So, I will just sleep 😂 😂💃

I’ve got different reactions from my beautiful ladies 👇



“I will go inside and sleep! That’s it dear. Ode o shelomo niyon. Make I give them chance to have enough of what dey really wants.Emi omo ola🙄i like season film🤷🏻‍♀”



“Lol, both of them are not serious 

Me I will walk out of the two of them ni”



Quickly dial a number and  walk away for few minutes. By the time I get back, they should have resolved their argument.”



Haaa! O lewu ooo. All the same I will respect my father’s opinion.”



Daddy I’m now a wifey o

I’ll go on my own following no one thou”



“As for me, I will sit down ni o; 

because my father is my father for life, but husband can change at anytime”




 “ Ill go to the available room and sleep 😂. But then, I’d obey my father o. If my husband doesn’t have the courtesy to respect or address him politely, I shouldn’t respect him either. Also, under no circumstance should my husband give me orders. He must always request, otherwise it’s disrespect”



“I should follow my husband but then,  I wont want to disrespect  my father in front of him and 6i will also not want my husband to feel like I disrespect him . so i I should follow my husband but then,  i wont want to disrespect  my father in front of him and i will also not want my husband to feel like i disrespect him . so i will rather not listen to any of them. I wont stay or sit and also i wont get into any fucking car. Iwill rather not listen to any of them. I wont stay or sit and also I wont get into any fucking car. 

Bcus once i follow his order,  lobatan,  thats a slot for him to start disrespecting my father cus some guys can be unpredictable. And its wont go well betwn us.”


“Hmmmm… Let talk on a plain ground… It is generally known that three drivers cannot occupy the seat meant for a driver and two goats can’t stay and last forever , one will have to be a sheep

See, in life one has to behave like a fool attimes not because you are a fool actually but for peace to reign. Trust me even if u want to prove ur wise,ur wiseness might not help during war and prevention they sayis better than than cure.

As a matter of fact,The Head(hubby) will always be the head and The source(father ) will always remain the source… 

If the hubby hasn’t forgotten that he is equally a son to his wife’s dad, then I think an iota of respect is needed but since the situation turn to phase two, wisdom is profitable and it the principal thing.

The wife shud humbly go to calm her dad and then go to her husband to have a few mins talk with him to calm him down also or better still she should walk away and leave the scene for the two.”



“It depends on the situation on ground If it abuse or assault I won’t follow my husband but if it something else  I would follow my husband”

Beautiful ladies, diverse opinions 😀😁😂, what’s your take? Drop your comments 😍, like and share 😘.


THANK YOU for stopping by 🤩. I’m Khair 💖, a lifestyle blogger, my blog has it’s own unique taste and I assure you of maximum fun, take a tour around and explore the beautiful world of khair 😘. You can reach out to me here for feedback, collaboration, advertisement or if you need me to write about your brand [email protected] . I love you 💖💖😘


  1. This is deep still don’t no what to say cus arguing with ur father in law is a lack of discipline n its disrespectful becus he is and elderly man, but d decision is her’s actually cus she can decide to obey or not too obey any of d men, but I would suggest she just walk away without choosing sides.

  2. If I happens to be the lady in question, application of wisdom is needed…. Because a husband that could engage himself in such argueent with my father will never even care to respect my opinion not in any circumstance.
    And remember a Yoruba adage that says “Oko le koni, obi nii kunii ku, tori obi koni le omo buruku fun ekun paje”
    And my husband should also remember the law of Karmas!
    So for this reason, I’ll respect my father’s opinion and still not disrespect my husband, I think you understand?

  3. Lack of disrespect is for my husband to be arguing with my dad. I will control my man since he loves me, so he can allow me to abide my dad’s rule

  4. I will pretended I didn’t hear any of them, and I will just go somewhere else, since I don’t want to disrespect my father and likewise my husband

  5. Firstly, how did that lady marry that man? Bcoz ur father must at least knw the kind of person you are getting married to.
    Secondly, it’s just unreasonable for a man to argue with his father-in-law

  6. I would guess both of them smoke Osoogbo weed. I will advice, advise the sensible lady to put on Earphones listening to Lucky Dube and cat walk from the spot immediately. Radarada

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