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Ok, to the gist 😘, I have a question for you guys, drop answers through the comment section 💙💙😀

*Your decision about being in Art/Science Class, was it affected by societal view?*

Lol, can you relate? Back then (It’s still happening!!!) the school tend to put “Smart Students” in science and the “Dull Students” in Art or Commercial class which made the students in science class feel that they’re smarter than those in Art Class.

Quite annoying!!! You have the question! What’s your take? What do you think about this generally? Drop your comments 💙💙💙

Meanwhile, I have vox pop 💃💃💃

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“Completing Junior Secondary School, I was asked to go to the science class so that I can be a doctor, because that’s what smart children grow up to be.
When I objected strongly (the idea of being a doctor has never appealed to me), I had to settle for the next best thing- a nurse. And thus began my journey in the science class.

While I enjoyed the chemical experiments and the lab coats made me feel cool, I knew it didn’t spark something on the inside of me.
The only thing that made it bearable was my Literature in English class which I loved and always looked forward to.

Fast forward to after secondary school, WAEC results came out and I passed but somehow, couldn’t secure admission that year.

I was going to have a gap year to write another entrance exams and suddenly it just came to me, why not write another WAEC and switch to Arts, where you love and feel at home? And so I did.
Home girl currently has two WAEC results, both Arts and Science.

This could have been easily avoided and I would have saved myself the stress if I wasn’t poorly advised about how I was “too smart” for Arts, only to come back to it later.
Please, let’s give ourselves sense.

All the critical thinking and analysis Arts students do is definitely not for dullards.
Let’s encourage kids to do what they really love, Arts or Science.”


 let's gist

“I was in science class initially because alot of people wanted me to because they believed I was intelligent.
Meanwhile I wanted art class.
I spent a whole term in science class.
Then I switched back cos of passion.”

Osakwe shedrack 💙

Let's gist

“It’s a real issue that next generation parents needs to be conscious of.

People have to be more deliberate about parenting, carefully attending to your kids & helping them make the best decision based on what they’re passionate & gifted at.
Doesn’t matter how stewpeed it might sound now. Truth is, that’s the best opportunity for success for them”


“Well, nobody put me in that class back then
And I respected and admired every ones with high IQ back then; if secretly, be it in science or Art or commercial.

And I must say that majority of other departmental students already have that belief that they are not as good as their science counterparts; the belief one poisons their minds”

Adeyemo Abdulateef Alao🧡

The general overview of the societal perception on being an art or a science student is given superior credence to science students.

The body of laws that comprises facts and principles

( science)seems tedious in training but art takes the glory in practice .Majorly, the leaders of great nations have blood of art in their veins .

Smartness and academic excellence are attributed to science students in the short run.No wonder, their numbers are few. But the utilization and control such smartness and academic excellence are controlled by art students in the long run.

Both are useful to man.


Let's Gist

“It wasn’t about societal view at all, I choose art class then because I love it and I also feel it’s where I can realize and fulfil my dream. My decision then was driven by my passion.

Well! Then most people think science students are the best and the smartest but no, they’re not because is it only to dillute chemicals or is it because of mathematics? I will say no, they’re not.

There are millions of students that know mathematics but they choose art class. Art students are the best, they go extreme in seeking knowledge, they always want to know something about everything and they’re the ones with loads of history.

Believe me there are dull students in science class too, they’re just there wasting their precious time and some are there because their parents force them to be there all in the name of “we want you to be a doctor” bla bla.

Parents, school and society should stop the habit of choosing a career for young people, they should allow them to decide what they want with their lives.”

Hmmm! You have seen different experiences, I want to know about yours in the comment section 💙. Let’s gist!

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  1. I chose art class because I loved reading and didn’t like maths. The other departments didn’t do literature then.

  2. It was quite funny that my decision was influenced by my friends whom I wanted to be in same class with.. it’s surprising to find out that parents actually use this things to boost amongst themselves thereby pushing the kids dream away then those kids have to suffer and adjust thank God for the next generation of parents tho..

    1. Wow! Your friend 🤔. Yeah! Thank God for next generation of parents! thanks for stopping by. Darl🖤♥️♥️

  3. Well, I decided myself that I want to be in science class and everything they do interest me. Although, it is problem and parents really have to be conscious of, allow your children make their decisions about who or what they want to be in future, not everyone will be a doctor or a nurse!!! we are all made for different things, so get it straight and stop wasting people’s precious time.

  4. Actually, my Dad and my principal forced me to be in science class, saying I was too smart for arts, well, after my secondary school, I found science class interesting but mathematics usually gives me so much headache, my fear for maths made me to switch back to art course in tertiary institution, where I studied mass communication, trust me it was so tremendous. I feel like I found my lost talents, then I became the boss and a mentor to many in my department.

    1. Woooow! I love the fact that you found your way back to your passion! Thanks for stopping by 🖤💙🖤

  5. Lol, I remembered when I came home with my promotion letter that says have been promoted to Ss1 ,Art class
    I was so excited but only for me to get home and my dad insulted my life😂😂😂,he called me olodo ,he said, it’s only dullard they normally put in Art class,why can’t I go to science and become the first doctor in my family ,I no gree.
    Chai,this thing cause serious issue between us but I no send because I knew what I wanted for myself. Have always love writing since when I was a little girl.Have always wanted to become a journalist.
    My teachers convinced my dad before he left me alone on this matter😂
    Today,my dad dey thank God he left me alone because I write for him,his speeches, portfolio etc
    My younger brother said he wanna go to Art class and become a lawyer,nobody told my father before he left him alone and praised him for going to art class.
    Life no balance😂😂😂😂

  6. I never had issues with making that choice. I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer and everyone in the household including my Grandma calls me lawyer even before getting to the senior classes,owning to my inquisitive nature. Well life happened and I’m currently an English student.
    But I have friends that were a victim and so are some friends whom teachers saw as too brilliant to be in art class,some never backed down regardless.

  7. I chose the sciences out of my sheer love for nature and all its wonders. So I never really had a problem with choosing.

  8. I choose commercial class not because I like it but because my teacher Foust me to do,I like to be a science student but I didn’t, but now am so happy to be a social science student and have never regret being again.

  9. Despite the fact,prior science class is my ambition,but immediately when i later discovered that science class deal with alot subject,my decision changed,and i moved to commercial class, there’s alot of my friends that did it like that then…🤐

  10. Although most decisions then were influenced by parents. I was able to choose my field myself. My best subject was mathematics, infact I loved all science related subjects in junior secondary School days. I didn’t regret studying physiology and I enjoyed every part of it…

    But I don’t believe any of the division is for smart or dull student. It’s just the old mentality parents were trying to imbibe which is totally wrong.

    I hope this new generation will do well in that aspect of letting their kids make crucial decision like this.

    Sending love and light 😍💓

  11. Everyone knew and I knew that it was commercial all the way💃🏻💃🏻i am following the money🌚

  12. Well I’m happy for the kind of parent I have, none of them forced me into what they liked,I choose art class and they were cool with it.
    I’m forever grateful cause changing my wish would av affected me a whole lot.

  13. Although,I am happy to be a commercial student nd i don’t regret been a commercial student
    Most science student and teacher alway think they are the best but they are not
    I thank Allah for making it easy for me through my Account teacher is secondary school (mr Nafiu), Now love account than any other subject nd Am giant and proud to be Accountancy student
    My advice goes to Science teachers and parents please don’t discourage us always encourage us nd allow their children to chose the department of their choice.

  14. It has always been arts all the way, I never had mix feeling about it and am grateful my parents never try to stop me .
    Have always say to myself, if its not theatre arts, I don’t think I will be happy studying any other course. And thank God unilorin didn’t chnge my career😂
    I just hope some parent will understand that forcing a profession on their kids in this generation is not going to do more arm than good.

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