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Dear Nigerian readers, HOW ARE YOU??? This whole situation is depressing and  I’m honestly tired ?.

The cash scarcity, the whole new currency wahala, the fuel scarcity, and everything going on are just sad. If you’re not a Nigerian and you’re reading this, this is what we are currently going through ??

Our government redesigned 3 of our major currencies, 200 Naira, 500Naira and 1000Naira, we had limited time to even spend the old ones, we have little access to the New currencies.Only few banks are giving out the new notes, so we have result to POS, point ot sale, and they’re literally selling our money to us at exorbitant prices.

Admist all these, the government have placed ban on the old currency, people are left with old currency which they’re to deposit to central bank of Nigeria (CBN), CBN is not like a regular bank where you can find anywhere, so people are forced to go to CBN in masses.

We are battling cash scarcity, fuel scarcity, inflation, and unstable electricity, and We’re almost in a state of anarchy. You may wonder why we’re not using cashless, I’m actually a fan of cashless policy, but Nigeria is still a third-world country. Local marketers rarely accept debit cards or transfers. Even transporters, so it’s a whole lot.

How are you doing?

So my question to fellow Nigerias is, How are you doing and what’s the situation around you? I genuinely want to know. As for me, I’ve been managing, and I just hope there’s no emergency.

By the way, our election is fast approaching. Who are you planning to vote for? I’m not here to judge anyone, I sincerely want to know who and why.

Personally, I’m not voting, I have no PVC, blame INEC, not me ?, but even if I have one, I’m not certain of voting. I’m tired of these people, the old one, the messiah card, and everything. May the best candidate win anyway.

So I will be expecting your comments. How are you doing? Who are you voting for?

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  1. Hmm! Rulership was never about the man but the people behind the man, the whole scenario was like a squid game, a trending movie I watched last year on Netflix, the Government is playing with peoples mental and emotional health, this scenario is more bad than corona virus, these spread everywhere and the poor has a lot of loss, Mentor, am not fine, but I thank Allah for life, I believe that it will all be better even though that’s the tittle of the song they have been singing ever since was born. But if my believe is goan give me strength, help me pull my self together, then I believe it shall be well. Thanks… From your student and your long time crush.

    1. Awwn, all will be well, Sodiq. I don’t know when, but we can only hope it’s soon. Keep going and giving it a push and stay strong for you. Thank you for reading

  2. Omo!!! Lady Kahir, thanks for checking on us, the situation is becoming almost unbearable, I have to drive our utility vehicle at work to my home every day because I have no cash to pay transporters.
    Many people are so not as lucky as I am to have access and to be fully in charge of the utility Vehicle in their workplace let alone taking it home.
    This has been my saving grace in this trying times.
    When I want to eat, I now have to go to where I can make a cashless payment, many are not so lucky to buy food in those expensive restaurants
    We just hope it end soon.

  3. This cashless policy is working for some while it’s not for some especially those in rural area. Imagine me buying something on Thursday, thank God the guy has been my customer of 3years, I transferred and he wasn’t credited. I was at the verge of transferring another when it was almost 24hours before he called he has received the alert, just imagine that happened while I’m on transit. As for who to vote for, I don’t belief in any Messiah, I have my voter’s card (before I was able to collect it, I went to INEC office bi oko igi, costing 1000naira everytine I do.) but I’m not voting?.

    1. Oh ,thank you for bringing up bank transfer, it’s been annoying, we’re literally in a box. on voting, I totally understand you.

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