Taiwo was on the bed with her husband on that blue Saturday morning, when her phone rang, it was her twin sister calling. Simultaneously, the door bell rang, Alao Her husband went for the door, while she received her call.

As she picked the phone, her twin sister Kenny, rushed her words without even saying hi, she said “Taiwo, please do me a favor, my husband will call you soon, tell him we were out all day yesterday.. Together…Tell him, we went shopping, and got back late around 11:45pm” . “But that is a lie, and I don’t tell lies!. ” Taiwo answered. Kenny continued, “Please, Taiwo, just this one lie, save my life, and I promise after this I will stop my promiscuity She pleaded as she dropped the call…

Meanwhile, downstairs, Alao was being interrogated by some police officers, who found his ID card at a crime scene last night.
Alao in his defense, told them he had nothing to do with the crime as he got home around 6pm with his wife.

He told them to let him call his wife, as she was there with him last night.

He shouted Taiwo’s name and told her to come downstairs.

Taiwo was on her way down, when Kenny’s husband called..
*”Hello Shola.., Good morning, happy weekend… Fine… What? Your wife?.. Yes we were together yesterday till late at night… I even got home around 11:45pm ..ok.. No problem”*

At this point, Alao rose up in shock and fear, as the officials were looking at him like they have nailed him…
“Taiwo…. What sort of lie did you just tell, we were both at home.. ” Alao said in shock 😓
The officers cut in:
“Mr Alao, don’t put words in her mouth, you have been telling us lies, we have your wife’s voice on record, definitely you were at the crime scene and you killed Miss Kike after you raped her” He brought out the handcuff

“What”? Taiwo shouted in confusion
Before Taiwo could fully grasp what was happening and explained what truly happened, her husband was behind bars..

Taiwo asked her twin sister Kenny to speak up, which she did, but the case was against them, because of just ONE LIE, that had been recorded.

Alao was sentenced to Life imprisonment and he spent 10 years of his life in prison before the real culprit was found, it was his cousin who had stolen his wallet. The victim had struggled with the rapist, it was then that the wallet fell. The cousin picked it up, but the ID card had fallen.

JUST ONE LIE tampered with a man’s destiny, “be careful of every word that proceeds out of your mouth”.

“BE careful of that ONE LIE. it goes beyond you. It can affect Generation to generations. 🤫🤐

Source: SPC 😎


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  1. I remenber this itan ranpe o “iri kan soso” it can turn a big family to become emety
    Thank u lady khair May God Bless Ur knowledge and wisdom ( amin).

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