My Self-medication Story (Part 2). The End

So this is my Part 2 of the self-medication story.

Remember I hit my head against the wall and I couldn’t see anything again, my life flashed before my eyes, I was so scared and nervous.

I was asked to sit down, and I sat down for a while to gather a little strength. After regaining my sight, I went straight inside to pick up my baby and my hospital card. Where I got the energy to go for my baby, I didn’t know, I just want him to be OK and fine.

I had no strength to back him up, so I wrapped him in a flannel while praying not to fall with my baby. I sat on the bike, and I begged one Hausa man to sit behind me so I would not fall off the bike with my baby on the express (Lagos-Ibadan express o)

This time, migraine had joined my symptoms due to the wall injury. While on bike, I was hoping to get to the hospital with full consciousness so I could explain myself to the doctor. The hospital where I had registered my HMO isn’t far from my location, so Luckily for me, we got there.

The man held my baby for me while I was being attended to. While answering the doctor’s questions, I heard my baby’s voice, he was babbling and playing. It’s so relieving to know he’s doing fine.

I explained myself to the doctor in detail. He was very attentive. I was asked questions and given an intravenous injection as well as some pills. My husband joined me there, and he took me home with the baby to rest.

The doctor told me I did not have a boil; rather, they were large pimples. I was also able to survive it, but trust me, I thought that was the end. I had imagined myself lying down dead while my husband walked in to meet my baby crying. Alhamdulillah.

This event traumatised me that I was so scared to use the pills given to me at the hospital, I didn’t recover fully until the second day.

Lessons Learnt

• Do not self-medicate. I didn’t need antibiotics for the pimple; I had diagnosed it as a boil, only to find out at the hospital that it was a pimple.

• Do not use drugs alone; make sure someone is present. Why? Because anything can happen. That was not my first time using Ampiclox, but look what it did to me; imagine I had no neighbors.

• Be good to your neighbors; I might be reluctant to go meet them if we had a bad relationship, and they might hesitate too. I’m grateful for them.

• Do not delay going to the hospital. One thing I loved was the fact that I was not hoping it would get better; I was trying everything to get myself to the hospital.

That is my story. Thank you for reading. I will be sharing my pregnancy journey and birthing story in subsequent episodes. Do not forget to share and drop a comment.

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  1. Wow, this is a great read. We all do the mistake of self medicating which is really bad, the fact that nothing happened to us doesn’t mean something can’t happen just like in your case. Thank God you’re fine.

  2. Weldone dearie
    I’m glad you are feeling better now. Self medication is a no no.
    Insightful write up????

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