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Gist With Khair: Here’s What I think of Lagos

Hi guys, see who is here! Lol, I know I have been away for a while but it’s all good. Today I will be talking about what I think of Lagos.

I have been super busy and that is the reason for the long hiatus. I am just trying to adjust with everything so it won’t affect my blog.

How are you doing? This is just a post to tell you I am still very much around and we are going to do something beautiful together!

Good News! I have a new Job now! And guess what? It is a remote job! And the pay is not bad, don’t bill me o����.

what I think of Lagos

I now work with a bank, Trustbanc MFB! Do not worry, I got a lot of questions like, are you leaving communication? No never! What I am doing with the bank is pretty much in the line of communication which is customer engagement officer and it also has to do with Digital and corporate marketing.

You know I am crazy about media and my love for it will never wane!

I appreciate the person that link me with the job, I am not sure she will want her name mentioned so thank you, Enjoyment Minister.

Here’s What I think of Lagos

To start this Job, I was in Lagos for two weeks, and it is beautiful so to say. Except that I missed my husband and I lost my appetite. I enjoyed my stay.

My honest opinion is “Lagos is beautiful” If you have money” lol.

I didn’t stress myself at all, it was a bougie lifestyle, I was lodged in a very beautiful junior suite at Victoria Island, I have my space to myself, my workplace is a stone thrown to the lodge.

Just a 3-minute walk! You know this is every working-class Lagosian’s* dream!

That feeling of leaving work around 5 pm and getting home at 5:10. Getting to your room, neatly arranged for you, having a warm shower, watching Tv and enjoying 24 Hours power supply with wifi.

There is also a beautiful view at my lodge, you can just go out for a cool breeze, the only thing is I don’t know how to swim and I don’t want to disgrace my ancestor.

Going Out In Lagos

I didn’t really go out, even though, a lot of people wanted to spend and take me out, my appetite went from 100 to 30 in Lagos, maybe it was homesickness, and I struggled with food.

The first weekend, I visited my brother-in-law’s place at Lekki County,  and my baby girl, his wife, Adunni Olowosibi, prepared what I have been craving for, Efo, elemi hundred with Semo.

It was really tasty and delectable, although my poor appetite still came in but that was the most food I ate in Lagos.

I enjoyed my weekend there. We caught up, talked, have fun and there was a lot to eat!

Although I didn’t get to see Aisha, we talked a lot in Lagos. I was always reaching out to her.

A lot of people know I have reservations about living in Lagos, for the obvious reason “I don’t like stress!” but that kind of changed after my two weeks’ stay because Lagos is not bad, When you have money!

That’s not my first time in Lagos though, I have been there several times and funny how most times, I am always experiencing a smooth stay.

I mean I attended MFirst training for a week and It was amazing, the accommodation, the food and the atmosphere was beautiful.

Food In Lagos

Hmmm! I didn’t really spend money on food, my workplace provided us with breakfast snacks, lunch and dinner. HEHE!

There are lots of restaurants and I believe there are good ones but my food experience wasn’t that great.

I struggled with food so much, there are varieties but my appetite just went from 100 to maybe 30! I tried so much to change it but it is just there.

After getting back home, I noticed I have been eating well,  One of my problems with food in Lagos was that I missed BOBO, I missed eating with him and that really affected my appetite.

Placing order for food in Lagos is a no for me! Don’t ever order food In Lagos! I repeat, don’t order food in EKo!

You know I had problem with my appetite, so I was trying new things maybe it would change.

I ordered from Buka hut through Jumia food, After waiting for a while, I decided to call the rider and he said my food spilt. I was in tearsssssssssssss! Because that was my hope that day. It was in the evening, I just wanted to get the food and go back to my room to eat.

After the first disappointment, I tried Native Restaurant, I ordered food around 8:30pm and I was patiently waiting. Although, I was told, their delivery takes time but I didn’t expect it to be that crazy.

10: 00 PM, I received a call from them, I thought they were ready but , they called to confirm my order! Wahala.

The woman was even asking if I was coming to pick it up, AH! “I thought I paid for delivery” jumped out of my mouth” And she faintly replied, “Ok”

To cut it short, they called me by 11 pm, I thought my food was here but they called to tell me they can not deliver again that night and that I should wait till tomorrow morning.

I started crying, I couldn’t even say a word, tears were rolling down, I remember calling my husband to cry and he felt like rushing down to Lagos.

You would have thought they would deliver very early in the morning, nooo!

I was calling and called again, they sha came around 11 pm with my edika ekong, it was hot and not bad.

Still on my Lagos food experience.

The other one was the Okele restaurant at VI, they were not that late, but they sold half fish for 600 Naira, talking about half fish, It is not the middle o, I mean that was my expectation but they cut the middle into two and sold it to me lol.

They delivered and I was already eating before noticing.

I sha later found a street food that I like, courtesy Eniola. Even though I only ate it like thrice but at least it was better and not overpriced.

Transportation In Lagos

I love the idea of Bolt, Uber etc except when it comes to paying.  Eh! You, people, have money o, I mean, I love the ordering of rides to my destination, no stress, nothing until its time to pay the bill lmao I screamed.

Comparing these services in Ibadan and Ilorin, the prices are still reasonable compared to Lagos.

Flooded streets of Lagos

There drainage in Victoria Island and Lekki is non-existent. Small rain will take over the road, Hanahan! Swimming pool Promax!

You know I told you; you will enjoy Lagos If you have money because you need a car for the flooded streets, even with cars, if you are not careful, it will get spoilt.

Walking in the street after rain is a no! No! Except you want to swim, lol.

My workplace was pretty close to my lodge but we still had to order a ride  when it rained, because It was that bad!

That’s all I will be talking about for now, please note that, my experience is carved out of a recent two weeks stay, it may not work for everyone and I am not saying I know everything about Lagos before Lagos Gatekeepers come for me.

I left Lagos on Sallah day��. That’s the rundown of my stay in Lagos ��. I will be writing on remote work next time. Have a nice day ����

Thank you so much for reading, I will be expecting comment from your own experience of Lagos and you can absolutely disagree with me.

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  1. Wow I can relate,just like you said Lagos is sweet when you have money,also it’s not for the faint hearted. Can we call this your journey a bittersweet experience?

  2. Lagos is nice if you are rich and know your ways you will surely enjoy it. I have an ugly experience during my sister wedding. We left Osun since 6 am but when we reach Lagos like this na traffic full ground ooo… The program is about to end before i reach.
    Lagos Lagos Lagos during my National youth service too. I branch my uncle place too thought it was fun cos he know his way. At night like this after moving out to Suya spot we enjoy every bit then we move.
    You won’t believe what I see Olosho on the road…?? I rest here

    1. ??? I understand that resting point. it’s only enjoyable if you’re rich and you know your way around it. If not, you will suffer. Thank you for dropping comment ☺️

  3. Congratulations on getting a new job.
    I can agree with you that Lagos is indeed fun when you have the resources, both money and then time.
    While I came here to look for a job, i’ve taken every opportunity to explore various parts of Lagos. First of, Lagos is a cramped space with more people than it can take. I walk along streets and markets and cannot but bump into someone’s shoulder and say ‘sorry’ all the time.
    I find myself shouting ‘mummy’ when I’m crossing roads because of the way vehicles move without decorum. So unlike Lokoja, where I came from.
    Alot of times, I find myself thinking about these bus drivers, conductors, road side sellers, and all these people walking around and I wonder how they cope living here, when they sleep, how they have to wake up early, if they’re happy, if they’re even conscious of every other thing that makes up life apart from working. I wonder if their lives are just a routine, on autopilot.
    I’ve also discovered that with the right amount of money, I can very well become a shopaholic unfortunately. I literally had to talk myself out of the temptation of buying clothes when I visited some markets here.
    Other stories for other days I guess. Kind regards!

    1. Thanks for reading ☺️, Lagos is actually another world, they live differently and 10 people can share different experience. You will always see what to buy and be tempted to do so ?. Thanks for reading and sharing your experience ?.

  4. Lofty missive and wonderful experience. Khair always give us the best. You must be rich to enjoy Abuja and Lagos. I have crowded schedule, could’ve add my experience about Lagos and PH, in fact I read your chronicle archives yesterday, so unfortunate, couldn’t leave comment.

  5. Nice to have you back! And congratulations on your new job, I wish you the best.
    Lagos, the city of good and bad.

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