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Welcome to Khair Hall of Fame

Let me introduce to you the pillar of this blog, I got the inspiration of this blog from my lecturer Mr. Salaudeen…

I started the blog but with little content, I abandoned it at a point in time. Then I met someone, an awesome knight in shining armour, A boss like no other, the backbone of this blog.

He started pestering me to post on my blog, he will look for something interactive that can attract traffic, He started the stirs series.

He gave me the push that I needed, oh! He is an angel who made me believe this blog could be seen and heard.

My editor! He is the first to read anything that is coming here, he made me know that I can write, I can be heard.

The Godfather of this blog, who gave me “My NYSC Camp Experience” Motivation … He even told me to start writing about the experience in camp 😥.. Thank you for not giving up on this Lazy Lass.

No one has promoted this blog like him, he created so much awareness, and give out gifts just for us to have traffic. God bless you, we are getting there.

Let me introduce to you, the man of honour, My Blog Hall of Fame, Sheriff Ibrahim. He has helped a lot in so many ways but we will talk about the blog part here, Much love 😍

Happy Birthday, please drop your wishes for him 😎.

He is filled with talents, he is an orator, he has Topnotch presentation skills, he is an MC , compere, let him handle your event for lovely memory you will share with many generations to come, His voice is the bomb (Voice artiste) and he is a red carpet host 😉 and lots more.


THANK YOU for stopping by 🤩. I’m Khair 💖, a lifestyle blogger, my blog has it’s own unique taste and I assure you of maximum fun, take a tour around and explore the beautiful world of khair 😘. You can reach out to me here for feedback, collaboration, advertisement or if you need me to write about your brand [email protected] . I love you 💖💖😘


  1. I’m overjoyed to ink my pen to write about specially created SPC ,the humble one. whom his oratory prowess drags my leg to lane potless .Happy birthday to the helper of many …..Sheriff Ibrahim S.

  2. Happy birthday best-est Mc of our time. God bless you always with every good things. Our guy on radio.

  3. happy birthday to this great man, a man whose others wellbeing is his priority, am wishing u many more year to celebrate in the land of the living, age with fullness of grace…. Tholulope Care’s

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