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Hey! Let’s Gist 😍 

Today is International Day of Education so let’s take our gist to the next level 😍

School is scam! School is scam! School is a scam! Apparently, I’ve been seeing this particular slang around and I feel we should talk about it… Is school really a scam?

Personally I’d say school is not a scam. It’s a big deal! A great opportunity we should tap into. Though, education in Nigeria is nothing but a herculean task! But then, we can’t say school is scam! School has been a blessing to me and my thirst for knowledge keeps growing ☺ 😎. Nigeria might not be a friendly environment for education but school is not a scam 😂 ✌.

Trust me, I have my respondents 💃, and they have done perfect justice to the topic 👇

Is School A SCAM? “



 is not a scam.

Although we go to school to learn a particular discipline, but we just don’t graduate with that profession’s knowledge alone. Many potentials, opportunities, alternate means of sustenance and self empowerment are learnt in school.

So, if a graduate finds it hard to find a job, he/she can always revert to using any of the other skills learnt for sustenance.

In addition, an educated man is an empowered man; psychologically, mentally and psychoanalytically.”

Sir Dudman 

School is not a scam! …  but Nigerian government has made youths feel like school is a scam…  Because most of our so called leaders are illiterates ..

We believe in education But it seems not working for us, your ability to solve problems is what works in Nigeria, not how many degrees you obtain… 

Education adds to your experience, exposure and atmosphere to network. 

 Also an advantage for  opportunities anywhere and anytime,  so as to defend yourself when  you have the opportunity to use your paali..

School is good,  education is an opportunity, 

Self development is also essential.

Above all, we should always see positivity in whatsoever we lay out hands on…

My opinion though. 👌”


School is never scam school is an educational set up that mould human lives and develop the self growth in order to achieve your dreams, most of us until we started studying didn’t know most things or I will say couldn’t discover ourselves school touches all aspect of human existence from morality, education and human exposure

Even after schooling you didn’t practice on the course you studied you tend to pick from the school community your means of survival because you meet new people with different views and orientation about life.”


“No, school isn’t a scam !  Getting educated is an opportunity in the first place,  and checking out our way of living in this era in our country… You must be educated! Yes, we have some illiterates that have made it but at the end they eventually purchase a certificate for themselves. So this show the significance of education .To make it here in our country and to have a say, u must have something that certify you as an educated personel….

School has brought me so far, I gained more exposure here in school, learn how to apply common sense, cultivate the habit of using my discretion…. and lots more”

Collins 🐸 

“School cannot be scam 😏

It’s in school you learn to read and write.

You make friends.

You have dreams and aspirations.

You learn to socialize.

It’s the bedrock of all ideas that comes to your head, school is to trigger your brain and have it working how you get the cash? That’s up to you 🤦🏾‍♂

The more you learn the better your productivity.

School is amazing 😋”


“If I say yes, then there’d be a question as to ‘why then did you go?’. It is therefore important to state that, such a question can only be asked here in Nigeria or maybe to a larger extent Africa where the dividends of going to school haven’t really paid off for many persons. Reasons being that the unemployment rate is ever increasing & the truth of this whole school thing is, we were told to go to school so that our lives will become better(get good jobs), but if that isn’t forth coming now, so doesn’t it then mean we’ve been lied to. Again, there is the case of age. Persons like myself who have past the acceptable corporate age for most companies(27/28yrs), what would you have us say or believe? Scam, maybe!. 

Another truth is, I’ve a few friends who didn’t go to school(Uni or Poly) but you’d never know if they don’t tell you + they are doing well(legit hustle) even much more then those who ‘went to school’. 

But you might also want to look at the bigger picture, which is, school has also caused you to meet persons you maybe wouldn’t have met had it been you didn’t go, people whose worth in your life now you really cannot quantify with money. If you look at it from this point, then maybe you’d say its been worth it cos finally, it is with these very people that opportunities might come. Conclusively, I really cannot be emphatic on either sides of it but one thing is sure, as long as Nigeria is concerned, those who tow the lane of ‘school na scam, has justifiable reasons to believe so’. For me however, even tho it hasn’t yielded the fruits at the moment, school is not scam(this is personal to me).”

Prince Joel

“The school cannot be a scam, the fact that some people break even without schooling is not enough to discredit the many usefulness of Education. I can understand that human characteristics and ingenuity transcend mere schooling and cannot be so confine to the walls of classroom.

We must at least appreciate many breakthrough and so many ignorance terminated by schooling and formal education. “


“School is never a scam because whatsoever you want to be, be it a business man, politician, an entrepreneur,a trader and lots more, u definitely to be educated……Or else u get outdated  with time  #need to be”


“I disagree with this completely, though I have my reservations about the way most schools run — and over emphasis on schooling rather than learning.

 However, school can never be a scam nor education a was of time. While informal education take place at home, in the market, at farm, religious places — and notable other places.

What formal education did was to station learning within the four wall of a classroom. So, the concept of schooling is not just about going in the morning and coming in the afternoon. It means more than that and part of it is to ensure convergence of students from diverse areas to commingle, learn and share ideas, tolerate each other.

I believe school is one of the most important  vehicle through which morality, learning tolerance, hard work, integrity, honesty, and self confidence are transported and to call it a scam is to defeat these enormous purposes.

However, most schools have failed to live up to their Billings. We must rather try to fix problems rather than destroy the who edifice.”


“School is never a scam provided there’s a positive change in behavior. Many people pass through education without allowing education to pass through them, these people are the genesis of argumentative topic ” Is education is scam”

Education is worthwhile for those who are committed to it .Without education, no life .The use of phones and other basic devices cannot be effective and efficient in use without education. No wonder, late/chief obafemi Jeremiah Awolowo said “if you think education is cost,try ignorance. Education empowers, education develops mental faculty, education projects the image ,education progresses and among other things. No wonder ,basic education becomes compulsory for literacy and numeracy.”


“School is a scam or not depends on perception of individuals…

School to me is not a scam because when u go to school u allow school pass through u then definitely u be successful. Well, we might actually not  be able to fend what with our certificates but sometimes we acquire in school, it might actually be through some people u had known while u were in school or a skill u were taught or better still a skill u learnt while u were a student. Nowadays students learn tailoring, soft ware design and what have u, their fellow students patronize them and they later made it big,  if there were no school this opportunity might not be gotten.”


“School is actually not a scam…I think its important for everyone to be educated…but your success isn’t based on your education”
What‘s your take? join us In the comment section ☺ 


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  1. Education is status leveler, it gives us ranks and opportunity, school connects us with people who can be of great value to our life, though its frustrating here in Nigeria but then education is not a scam.

  2. To me I can’t say dat school is a scam cus knowledge is power n through education one leans how to read n through reading we gain knowledge n understanding d reason y people say its a scam its due to d way educational sectors r been operated our country n if u don’t have a connection or two one can secure a job n many more issues actually

  3. Education is/was never a scam, even in the olden days when education was free but expensive for majority to acquire, it wasn’t a scam. However, we ought to understand the motive through which the statement was uttered before we could properly tackle the statement appropriately. This is a common statement amongst the unemployed graduates in our country, despite the commitment and dedication of some of us to have good classes of degree, we eventually found out that job in Nigeria is not meant for graduates but graduates from who’s who families. On this many people based their justification of the statement.
    We quietly agree that education is the best legacy and through which one can reach the World, even though we couldn’t find job yet, what we acquired in university aside our discipline earns us living.

  4. Where would I I’ve been! What would I I’ve become! How would I I’ve survived if not for the Education! All what we have known and leaned today is it not because of this education? It is the best legacy, the best pillar you can lean on after God

  5. Yea school definitely is not a scam
    1st of all, ask those 3 ladies which is singu and sachin plx…..
    Now fact remains that the most useless course of study u can thing of is greater than not going to school at all..
    You can decide not to use your paali and hustle on the street but in the long run when somethings come up and it is requested, you can show for it rather than it being a deterring factor for you.
    Being in a country where value for education isnt top notch, it gives the vibe of it being an irrelevant venture even by those who pass through it but end up not using their certificate. Unbeknownst to them, they have socialise, got involved been imparted on educationally or socially with people who practically and primarily becomes their 1st contact when they come up with their side hustles…
    It better to be formally educated to atleast HND nd not use your certificate than not having at all.

  6. I’m always short on words when I go through this blog.
    This is good. Excellent even.
    The world is ready to learn from this.

  7. School has never been a scam to me but it might be if you only focus on the course alone because at the end of the day you might not get employed with the skill acquired in the discipline you studied but by tapping all the opportunities that school bring to you, you will surely become great. Mind you, greatness is not about money alone but about fulfilment, happiness, gratification and the ability to fit in, in any setting and you will surely make it big. If you ask me, since the day I graduated I have been feeling the thirst of not being in educational setting. You know what? Let’s acquire knowledge and meet on the ladder of greatness.

  8. When your teachers bombard you with theories and formulas that will only seem abstract to you, you will begin to think that school is a scam. But when you go out to see the practical application of all that you’ve studied, then you will appreciate school and all that it has impacted in you.

  9. School is actually not a scam, it’s depends on the perspective we are talking from… But generally school gives you some edge basically if you are studying your dream course..

  10. School can never be scam bcox when we vividly knows the meaning of school, we gonna realized that school is not a scan. School is any institution at which instruction is given in a particular discipline. Which lead to education, and Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include teaching, training, storytelling, discussion and directed research. … In most regions, education is compulsory up to a certain age. Once school is considered to be a scam technology we continue to be rampart, in school new innovative are created which make life easier than before, for instance method of farming before and now ahead it become easier which makes alot of people deviates to the farming system, the use of insecticides chemical where discover from school. although any thing that has advantage has disadvantage buh school do more good than harm… short school is not a scam

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