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Hey! Let’s Gist – Lockdown

Hi guys, how’s your day going? This lockdown is something else ?, but I believe this will pass and God will heal the world ?.

New blog post as a bride ?, don’t worry gist coming soon, I enjoyed my honeymoon even though it’s lockdown version ?.

Anyway, today’s business ?. The question for today is “How are you coping with this lockdown ?? “

Oh well, as for me, I still go to work, I am a broadcast journalist. We need to keep you guys informed ?.

Though, my means of transportation to work has changed ?. And sometimes I trek for a long time ???. I pray we get out of this soon.

Meanwhile, people shared their lockdown experience with me ? and it’s a great view, take a look ? you will have fun and learn.

Blessing ?

“The fact is jst dat we dont have a choice. The lockdown has not been really gud, its full or boredom, loneliness, no freedom of movement nd lots more. U can imagine situation whereby i meet people everyday interact nd socialize bfr, now turning to staying indoor 24/7…….infact its no more 24/7 buh 24/30….lol. I jst pray nd hope that both d lockdown nd pandemic ends soon.

Churchill ?


“Ok the lockdown has been pretty much the same thing for me, I still go to work, (cause I’m an essential worker, almost everyday, come home eat, sleep , then social media to entertain,…and exercises have really helped me too.”

Azeezah ?



This lockdown has good and bad side for me. I like the fact that I have enough time with my family because I can’t remember the last time the house was this full but then again, it’s so annoying that your every move is been watched at home. If you do small thing like this, you will get scolded and you will want everything to end at that moment.

Also this lockdown gives me the opportunity to do somethings I have been wanting to do. Like online classes, learning another language, see nice movies and also have a good sleep.. . So to me, it’s with a mixed feelings.”

Mohammed ?


“It hasn’t been so bad! But I have put on weight, saved some cash, did some online courses

So we have seen people’s lock down experience, how about yours? Drop it in the comment section ? ?.

BTW, Ramadan Mubarak to all our Muslim Brothers and Sisters ?

Stay Safe!


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      1. This lockdown as been well with me i swear…because my husband is always by my side everyday…no time for any fucking side chick..I really love that a lot …..but I still pray to God to heal the world

  1. You need to know what’s really going on in lag now… We are been cage for about a month, no food, no money which leads to many robbery cases going on now therein the masses are starving crying out of hunger and our government are there squandering the money donated for the aide/support of this pandemic

    This is really bad of our government and we still have some of them saying Nigerians are not hungry just because their families are okay… Can’t they just look at the elite country demographics on how they ensure that all their citizens are safe from hunger pandemic.. This is just too heartless of our mischievous leader .. It a big shame to we Nigerians, may God see us through and rescue us from our bad leaders.

    1. ? ? ? our leaders ain’t sorry. To think this whole pandemic in Nigeria is their fault and they are misbehaving . It’s disheartening. Anyway, we will come out soon ?

  2. Am tired and so sorry for this nation,we lock down with no provision and stil extending the lock down week to week, we don’t know when it will stop and other countries are not like that, God help light,no food to eat…

  3. This lockdown of a thing is kind of the worst thing I will tell my kids in the future, no going to church no going to school no party no friends just sit down at home….I don’t think our government knows how we feel….I wish they too can put themselves in a week lockdown let them too face what we are facing here like am just fed up……with this virus increasing day by day am very sure they will give us another two weeks lockdown……

    1. We all have tales to tell our kids about this whole pandemic. Another two weeks is sure ? but I’m tireeeeeeed

  4. Pathetic!!!!!!
    This lockdown to me is YES and NO.
    NO in the sense that I blv Allah is angry with the world due to our sins and he realy want us to affirm to his Oneness, Greatness and Supremacy.

    YES due to the fact that human being all over the world now have a different reasoning and perspective to Life
    Either from better to worse or worst to Better.

    Everyone now see reasons for another source of income instead of one.
    Cutting down excessive or irrelevant spendings

    This lockdown though has made me learn more new things online and majorly free and its bn helpful

    I miss going to work due to lockdown and again I have the fear of losing job oooo as the economy is upside down.

    I pray we all come out better and fruitful at the end


    1. Wahalai, this lockdown as blocked where i use
      to getting token amount from.
      May God save us from this pandemic.
      This thing tired me oooooooooo.

    2. D lockdown….. A story 4 anoda day…. Lockdown wif no provision to cushion d effect due to novel coronavirus, wot a pathetic country…. Unable to visit friends n family and biggest unfortunate part of it, is am unable to play football… Almighty will heal our land and save humanity from dis our common enemy cal Covid-19.

  5. Nice write up. My lockdown experience is pretty similar to my everyday routine, asides from the robbery cases.

  6. Actually. There is no lock down here..everyone is going about their various daily activities as usual.. It does not even look like anything is happening or going on..

  7. This lockdown as not been easy so far.. Thought they are alot of things I did during this lockdown… I gain more experience abt things that are dumped to me. Boredom, no freedom. I have alot to tell my future kids.. Ko easy at all

  8. The lockdown is seriously affecting me…I couldn’t go out to play football,I couldn’t do active training, working out isn’t easy to do alone,I pray we get out of this shit soon as

  9. This lockdown is a bittersweet experience,it is bitter because we have to stay indoor in order to be safe,the restriction of movement is so tiring and frustrating,we have to walk miles to get necessary essential things etc. The sweet part is that there is enough time for bonding,communication and rest. You get to do things you’ve bin procrastinating about like learning of new things,self reflection,checking up on ppl via messages and calls,sharing of gifts to the less privilege etc.
    This lockdown has its good and bad side and I’ve bin able to learn a lot from it,I pray God shld help us eradicate this as soon as possible.

    1. Ameeen, it’s indeed bittersweet, we’ve lost the culture of communication and this is bringing it back! Also learning new things ?

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