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Hey! Let’s Gist – Snapchat Filters ?

Hi! How are you doing? Happy New Month ?. So today I will be talking about what I feel about Snapchat filters.

Snapchat filter
Khair ?

Most of us love to take pictures; we take random pictures, sometimes we dress up to take pictures! We do not necessarily need to show people these pictures; we just want to take them…

I love to take pictures; I take enough pictures because I just want to make and keep memories. It’s ok not to like pictures, but I do and that’s the point here. So what about Snapchat filters?


Taking picture is another thing, but looking good in them is another thing. We all want to look good in our pictures, and that’s why we tend to take many pictures so we can pick our favorites, with this, some pictures never make it out of the gallery!

I am comfortable with my face. I love my face, I mostly go around with my bare face, I only do makeup once in a while (special occasions, Studio session).

I love Snapchat and its filters, when I started using Snapchat, I love the way the filters can enhance my beauty, and how it will make me look more cute and beautiful.

Although there are some bizarre filters, they are just there for fun. So I was constantly using Snapchat for selfies and some beautiful videos.

What did I notice? ?

I noticed my addiction to the filters, and how I unconsciously go straight to Snapchat anytime I feel like taking pictures, I post some, send some to Bobo and some in my gallery forever!

I was doing this for almost all of my selfies and short videos until sometimes ago, I was alone in the room, and I wanted to take a picture of myself, as usual, I scrolled down to Snapchat and I paused!

I was wondering ? “Why Snapchat though”?why can’t you use your normal camera?’.

I Scrolled back to my normal camera and I took some great selfies! Fine pictures! Beautiful ones! Omo! That l line from Justin Bieber and Quavo’s song Intention.

“Picture perfect; you don’t need no filter.’

Justin Bieber

After those beautiful pictures, I looked back at my Snapchat journey, how I was always so quick to take those selfies with filters and how I was getting so comfortable with those filters!

Then I told myself! You will start using your camera more! No filter, just you being you!

NO! I am not cancelling Snapchat filters. I will still take pictures with them, but I will use my natural camera more, I do not want to get too comfortable with these filters.

Khair unfiltered ??

Yours might not even be filters, it can be editing app, it’s good to look good but don’t get too comfortable using them.

It’s your face, the filter, the editing can only enhance your face virtually but not in reality!

Do you have a similar experience? Or you don’t? Drop your comments, you know I love to read them ?

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  1. Omo… My baby needs to know she’s great without the filtwrs… Not like she doesnt know this but she feels safe with the filters.
    Thanks again on this beautiful insight

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