Independence Day (59)??

Hey guys! ???Happy Independence Day Nigeria! 59years and counting ?.

We all know the state of our nation, so this will lead me to the  question I have for you guys ?.

” If you have the opportunity to set one thing right or one sector right, what would that thing be and which sector? ”

Personally, I’d love to re-brand our tourism management. This is one of the sectors that brings money into a nation. Tourism boost economy, take UAE for examples?.

God bless Nigeria, my blood is green and I love this nation??.

Sweetheart, don’t go ?, you have a question to answer  on the comment section ?? ?

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  1. More funds into a country like Nigeria won’t affect the growth of the country.. The political system of this country is a daylight robbery scheme, we just need to rebrand that and we are good to go.

    1. The Education sector is crumbling,urgent resuscitation is needed else……and also, I’d love it if basic human decency is incorporated as a course for every undergraduate irrespective of their course of study.We really need it.

  2. The education. It’s not because it brings money but because it’s the place I can correct the head of the coming generations so they won’t be fu*ked up like this one.

  3. The Education sector, i will want the country to strive more in technology. This is what is driving powerful countries economy.

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