Is December The Deadline for Success?

December is the month we mostly look back and count our wins. But is it really the deadline for success?

It’s two days to 2023 over here and I know this is the period where we look back and do review of the past months.

This review, though necessary might make you to resent yourself or be proud of yourself . You will see a lot of people posting what they have achieved, but trust me, no one can boast that they have not met one or two challenges this year.

While you check on the past months, do not be hard on yourself, try to see where you can improve to make things better.

Also, celebrate your little wins, take a break, unwind and get ready for 2023. I pray we all witness it in sound health and happiness. If no one is telling you, I am proud of you, you have done so well for yourself and you can do more.


while I am telling not to be hard on yourself, know when to be honest with yourself. All those courses you did not finish, take your time and re-strategize on how you’re going to finish it in 2023.

See what you can do to improve yourself and work towards it. Take charge of your own life and be accountable.

Some people tried, do everything and it still did not work, some did not even try, which category are you? Review, learn and unlearn.

As we say bye bye to December 2022, don’t compare  nor compete, you’re running your own race, don’t put pressure on yourself, don’t blame yourself too much for what you have zero control over. If you have done well for yourself, congratulations ? but don’t look down on others. There are people who did all you did and it still didn’t work for them. That doesn’t make them lazy or a failure.

If you have a feeling that you didn’t do well, trust me there are wins, celebrate that, let go of the painful memories and fix what you have control over.

Thank you for reading, I have been away because of academic work and work, but I am glad there is strength to put this little thing together.

I had a great year and I am grateful for it, I also have my fair share of shege but I will be focusing on the good memories while seeing the next year as another chance to shine. After all, December is not the deadline for success.

How’s your 2022? Let’s gist

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  1. Of course, December isn’t and neither does a new year mean abandoning previous goals. We just have to continue and keep getting better. ?

    Nice piece??. Thank you for the encouragement.

  2. Of course, December isn’t and neither is a new year for abandoning previous goals. We just have to continue and keep getting better. ?

    Nice piece??. Thank you for the encouragement.

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