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Our Fathers! Our Superheroes!

Hello fam 😘l, thanks for coming 😍🥰, you know I promised you a post for fathers when I did a special post for mothers during mothers day celebration, 👉 Mothers Day.

So I’m here with Fathers’ Special edition of Superheroes 😍, Our Fathers! Our Superheroes!

This is for you Dad👇

Here’s a picture of my Dad, my all in all, a great icon, man of honour, my supper Hero! What a man! 🥰 A sweet man, thanks for all you do dad, thanks for being our backbone, thanks for always paving ways for us, thanks for the sacrifice. I appreciate you dad, I Love you and I’m proud to be your daughter. I pray Almighty Allah grant you long life and prosperity 🙏. #GreatDad

Well, I have my blog’s voxpop 😍, check out the beautiful messages people wrote for fathers ❣️.

I’m blushing 😊

Bobo ❣️

You taught me how to be tough💪🏿 when I need to, to defend myself when I need to,🧚‍♂️ and to work hard for what I want.Through my teenage angst years and into my young adult life, I have developed a new admiration for you that I never had as a child. I have watched you be an extremely hard working man, stopping at nothing to provide for his family. You have shown that no sacrifice is too big to make for your kids adupe o🙏, and you have always protected us. You take being a Father and Husband to a whole new level.Thank you for always helping me with title of old school songs and the stories behind them, Thank you for always being there for me to ramble to, and giving your best fatherly advice. Thank you for always protecting me and the rest of the family. The type of father you are is so rare and I am beyond blessed to be able to call you my dad. Thank you for teaching me what it means to be a hard worker; a trait that seems to have skipped so many people in my generation. These are things we will always remember and get to pass onto our own children some day mansha Allah. Baami Baba Remi,Baba Sheriff,Baba Rasheedat,Baba Abdullahi,Baba Yusuff Baba Aderonke♥️♥️♥️♥️.


Hey daddy…..
Happy Father’s Day
I love you so much…….
Every disappointment, they say it’s a blessing…..who knows that I would spend much time at home if not for lockdown,Allah has blessed me with NUR to see how lucky I am to have a father like you,a father that his only objective is for us to reunite in jannah🥺what more should we clamor for on earth,if not that papa,you’ve tried all years to be subtle with us with the way you nurture us,to be our friend, I’m overly grateful dad,I’ve lived these past days to love you more and I pray God prolong your life so you could be pampered just as you’ve been doing for us…I promise to always strive to do that which will make you smile and happy from within, I’m teary as I write this because you’ve really been there for me since I’ve been home,you never judge me or my nature, you made me fall in love with Islam and Allah all over again,Thank you so much buroda muri🥺😊 I can go on and on about you,thank you working hard to table comfort for us,thanks for staying handsome still,may God continue to strengthen you…. I love you dad😘😘😘.


Dear Father,
Words can’t express how much you mean the world to me
Thank you for the countless sacrifice you ve done just to make me a great woman
Thank you everything
I pray you live long to enjoy the fruit of your labour
I love you forever BUMAD
Happy Father’s Day to you “Odogwu”


Meet my first Love
You’ve waged war with ur future
You Won and Conquer
Like one man army
You led heads and tails
Without swords and armour
The rags never ceased to chant your name
Like the chief if Punjabi
You’ve breath hope into lives
Like the chosen one from the cave
Father of many heads
Stay with us
Harvest our skull
We shall make your mouth swollen
With our bone and your sweat
BAAmi ALAO a man of utterance whose IQ and sagacious mode of attempting matters has tailored many souls both Tutored and the Untutored to the right range………TRULY YOU ARE A BLESSING…….Happy Father’s day

Wow!😍❣️, I love this 💃💃, Drop a message for your dad! The comment section is open.

Sending love and light to those who have lost their fathers 😪😣, May their souls rest in perfect peace ❣️. You’re loved ❤️

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share and like 😍❣️


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  1. Father’s give all their relentless efforts to see that the family is happy, the children are successful, our fathers our heros. I love my dad.

  2. To all lovely,caring Dad through out the globe I’m wishing you well on this day and I pray may you live long to reap the fruits of what you’ve laboured for………..I LOVE YOU ALL

  3. I feel sad 😂😂 on father’s day how I wish you are still here on earth with me! I know you love 💞 me so much and I love so very much too 💝 but Allah love you most, may aljanat Firdaus be your last abole, i always pray for you and I will always do pupsy mi💓continue rest in perfect peace daddy AYOOLA.

  4. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers out there ❤😍
    To the ones who are gone, may their soul rest in peace. ❤

  5. Dear Oladele,
    As I pen this down today,how you are greatly missed. You made fathering seem easy, you were always there even through my complaints and ramblings.. You stood by me, you became my Best Friend, my teacher, you were friends to all.
    I remember days you told me to teach you the Quran, you fought against everyone who was against you being Muslim, you prayed even days your legs failed you and your body was weak.
    I am just very grateful I was able to care for you during your last few months in this dunya.
    No one can be You Oladele…
    Continue to rest on My Icon …
    I am going make you proud bi idnillah 💯

  6. May Almighty Allah continue to be with them all and grant them the best in this world and hereafter

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