Horizontal Reader

Who is an Horizontal Reader? Horizontal reader is someone who only knows about and read about one thing. For example an accounting student who read about accounting and lacks knowledge about other fields.

This is really bad! we were taught something in media class that as an individual with purpose, you should know something about everything and everything about something.

This principle will make your existence a meaningful one and you will be vast in knowledge.

Read outside the box! Horizontal reader maybe knowledgeable in his/her field but they are useless in others. They are like someone who only knows how to prepare noodles but have no iota of idea on how to prepare other cuisines .

You can’t eat noodles everyday! there are days you will crave other dishes, days you can’t branch a restaurant or order food. what would you do? there are days you will need knowledge outside your field.

Therefore, read and learn new things, you may not need it now but you will later. As a Mass Communication student, read about sociology, know the basics of nursing and build yourself.

Horizontal reader can be very intelligent and smart but their intelligence stops the moment they move an inch from their area.

Thank you for reading. This is a challenge for you, stop being an horizontal reader!

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