Grateful For Everything And More?

Happy New Year??! It’s January 2022! This is my first blog of the year. In a bid to start the year on a very good note, I want to appreciate you all. I am grateful.

I appreciate you! Yes, you! Thank you for always clicking my links, for always showing up! For always sharing my posts, for always reading and dropping comments, for your words of encouragement?.

You’re the realest! I want you to know I see it, I appreciate it and I’m happy to have you in my circle!

My heart is filled with gratitude. You’re such an inspiration, thank you for motivating me to write more.  Thank you for encouraging me. God bless you!

I will forever be grateful to my husband! He’s being a great supporter of this blog, always brainstorming together, first to read my post and promoting it all the time. Thank you! My Bobo ?

Grateful for critiques

Your criticism has shaped me and is still shaping me and also making me stronger! I expect more of it! constrictive criticism by the way ?. Thank you ?.

Grateful To God!

Thank you, Allah, for the strength, brain and energy to push my blog! one of the biggest milestones in 2021 is getting approved by AdSense! A big W for me.

Grateful for me

Yes! I’m thankful for always pushing myself to do more even when I feel lazy! I’m grateful for always finding strength when there’s none!

I’m grateful for always coming back even after quitting. it’s a whole lot.

Thankful for more!

Aside from the blog, I’m grateful for my friends, family, and everything! Last year was a rollercoaster of emotions but we’re pushing through and winning more!

Thank you for reading this! This year, there’s a lot in the bag for you! Are you ready for me? cos I’m ready for you.

What are you grateful for? Share in the comment section ?, I will be there with you ??

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THANK YOU for stopping by ?. I’m Khair ?, a lifestyle blogger, my blog has it’s own unique taste and I assure you of maximum fun, take a tour around and explore the beautiful world of khair ?. You can reach out to me here for feedback, collaboration, advertisement or if you need me to write about your brand [email protected] . I love you ???


  1. Babylawal, and more you’re doing well, all your epistle, write up enthralling and invigorating. May providence continue to elevate you. You’ve been doing greatness, you’ll never lack good thing life. Your home is bless.

  2. I wish you more fulfilling years ahead.
    Thanks for giving us something is read too, we hope and pray to read more from you.

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