How To Survive Harmattan Season

Hello! Welcome to my space. Recently I was on a trip to saki and I realized something and as I look through the window. Harmattan?

I turned the forests into sightseeing. I saw arrays of grasses, the beautiful green ones, the dried ones and the ones struggling between staying beautiful and drying off.

My nose was filled with an unwanted breeze, my chest so uncomfortable, I was hydrated yet thirsty

I applied my lip balm on my almost chapped lips and I whispered “Harmattan is here”.

I’ve never been a fan of this weather but who are we to question God?

Admit it or not! Harmattan is here but it’s different everywhere. I care about you and that’s why I want to give you some hacks to survive this period.

Before delving into that, let me throw a subtle shade ? for a genotype group that brag so much, AAs are going through a lot, well, let’s help them.

Drink water

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Water is essential any day, anytime and in any weather! This weather is somehow and it requires you to drink enough water. Drink water over and over again! Stay hydrated and it will keep you healthy this season.

Avoid cold water

Avoid this! Avoid cold water! Avoid cold water!!! This can attract sour throat and cough! even if the weather is hot, try and drink normal water or warm water.

You can make tea, I’d recommend Chicory and Hollandia milk! tastes like heaven or any tea of your choice.

Bath!!! ?

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Hehe, some of you bath fortnightly during Harmattan, I understand the morning struggle but try and bath.

you can go with warm water or cold water. you will shiver for a while but still try and stay clean.

I hate cold so much and I can’t deal with cold water, one of my secrets during Harmattan is going to the bathroom with my kits, Vaseline or shea butter and a sweater.

As soon as I’m done I would rub it on my body and then wear a sweater before leaving the bathroom to my room. try this, it works.

Keep your lips moist

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Eesh! stop licking your lips, han han, what’s that? A whole big boy, a queen and more. If you’re doing this, stop, please! It’s unhygienic and gross.

Lip balms are very affordable, you can go with chapet or any lip balm of your choice. Carry it around and apply it on your lips regularly. This will not only keep your lips moist but also save you from lip blisters.

Licking your lips will make them look unattractive and they will dry off easily. Please don’t share lip balm!!!

Keep your skin moisturized

Fresh face, white legs ?, don’t be like this please. You need to infuse shea butter or any essential oil into your skincare routine.

Coconut oil, olive oil or even glycerin will keep your skin moisturized. Apply all these responsibly so you don’t attract unnecessary dust, too much of everything is not good.

Protect your nose!

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It’s dusty, cover your nose! catarrh is no joke during this period! the weather is a pain in the ass, you don’t want to add catarrh to it.

Avoid dusty areas and if you can’t use a nose mask.

Protect your skin

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A lot of us in Nigeria still don’t know the importance of sunscreen! but it’s very important for your skin, it protects your skin from the sun.

It’s nice although they’re quite expensive compared to other skincare products you’d still find a pocket-friendly one.

I recommend this affordable sunscreen Click here

Don’t be deceived

Harmattan is tricky! Don’t be deceived. it’s always cold in the morning and by noon you’d be exposed to the sun! so choose your outfit wisely.

Balance it or preferably, wear something light under your sweater so that you can switch to it when it’s sunny☀️.

Sometimes, you can experience cold from morning till night. so choose Your outfit wisely!

keep your home warm

Close your windows and doors when going out, this will help you at night when cold comes knocking.

Also, get a balm for your foots if you’re the type that have blisters around your feet during this period.

Most of all, have fun, relax and chill! Hang out! Don’t stress yourself.

Harmattan is different everywhere, How’s it in your state? Your town? Kindly let us know in the comment section ☺️.

Do you have any other tips aside the ones I listed above? Kindly drop it in the comment section.

Thank you so much for reading ?, read my previous post here A Walk Down The Memory Lane


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  1. Harmattan is very tricky and very confusing. One moment everywhere is cold before you know it everywhere is hot

  2. Harmattan here is somehow, in the morning you won’t feel it at all unless you move outside then afternoon is like you are selling sun. Everywhere will now hot like ki lọ dey

  3. Thank you for the tips, first of all people with AA genotype ain’t going through anything they are just as normal as everybody is. Harmattan is just making everything cold but the good thing about it is that your food doesn’t spoil easily. More tips for people that have babies
    1. Undress them in the bathroom immediately you want to bathe them and wrap them in towel immediately you are done.
    2. Remember their skin is delicate so chose a good petroleum jelly or shear butter suitable for baby skin for them.
    3. Apply hair cream for them especially boys, we tend to forget to care for boy child hair, cream it and comb everyday so that it won’t go dry.
    4. A long sleeve clothe, trouser(thick one), sweater, cap (find one you can tie around their neck, they don’t like cap for anything) and a pair of thick socks, let them be fully kitted all day and don’t forget to lubricate their nose with shear butter since they can’t use nose mask so lubricating their nose is important so that dust won’t get to their airways.

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