Why you need a community

It takes a community

Do you believe you can do it all alone? Or you have a feeling that you’re enough and you don’t need anyone? Let me tell you an open secret, it’s a lie! You need a community.

It’s another Saturday, and in my post last week I told you about my accountability partner and how I will be posting every week. so me being here today, is another effort.

I have somewhere where I put my topics idea, so I go there anytime I have an idea, that’s where I fall back to whenever having a creative bloc. I saw something on community there and I believe it will work for this week.

why do you need a community?

would you rather be a lone wolf or in a group for success? Some people believe that they don’t need a community and they can do it all alone but I beg to differ. You need a trige of people who share the same goals with you.

What is a community in this context? The community I’m talking about is not your village and I’m not talking about your residential area.

I’m talking about a group of people that are like you, they do what you do? They have the same goal. For example, you are a blogger, you need a community of bloggers, it can be a WhatsApp group, Telegram, a Facebook group or Twitter community, where you can always share ideas, whenever you’re lost you can always go there and rub minds together.

There are things that you will always come across that you need to ask questions, where do you go to ? I know we have Google, some people have coach while some people have mentors. It’s an effort but you still need a group.

In a community, you will find someone beneath you, someone above you, someone in the same level, someone you can always relate with. One good thing about these communities is, they’re always ready to help.

You need a community to help you grow
You help eachother grow as a community

You don’t have to see everything as a competition, you can join a community of those who sell what you’re selling, are you a freelancer? Join a freelancing community, there are parenting community, are you looking for scholarship? There are communities you can join.

Imagine not being in your class group chat in school? You know how many updates you will miss from your class rep, exactly! That’s why you need a tribe for your endeavours.
People post opportunities that you can always tap from, useful updates and you can also impact through a community by sharing your knowledge.

How to Join a Community

There are no rules guiding this, you just need to do your research , some groups are paid for while some are totally free. Before joining any, make sure you do your research and know if it’s really where you belong.

If you’re going to pay, make sure you will get the value of your money. You can always search your social media for communities like this, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can search Google as well.

I wish you best of luck as you grow in all ramifications. Don’t forget to drop a comment, I love reading feedback, share with your friends! Don’t hoard this post.?



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  1. We all need a community.
    People who are like your armies, always there to support you and all.

    My friends are like my number one community, people who our goals and interest align also, and like you said, there are no rules.
    You admire some group of people, look at how you can be a part of what they do.
    Thank you for sharing this with us sis.

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