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Creating Life: A Tale of Love and Growth_My Pregnancy Journey, Episode 10

Hey there, fellow journeyers through parenthood! As the year draws to a close I wish to finish this story in 2023. If you’ve been following along, you know that the anticipation has been building, and this episode marks the transition into labour. As known, there are different stages of Labour

In our last Episode , the debate centred around whether to bring along the hospital bag containing essential items for the birth. Opting for caution and privacy, we left the baby care bag behind, and we only took the bag with hospital essential. With prayers and hopes for a safe return with our healthy baby, we set off.

Midway, we found out my hospital card was missing, it was in the pouch beside the baby’s bag. This led to a split in our journey: I proceeded to the hospital, while my husband raced back home to retrieve the card.

Arriving at the hospital, awaiting my husband’s return under the pavilion, I couldn’t help but notice a tired yet proud woman being discharged after giving birth. There’s a unique blend of envy and anticipation experienced in the final stages of pregnancy when witnessing birth stories around you. It’s not negative; it’s the eager wish for your turn to arrive soon. I think every pregnant woman experience this.

Meeting the Gynaecologist at the Hospital

Consulting with the gynaecologist, expressing concerns about overdue dates and the lack of labor signs, I half-expected an immediate induction. Instead, a vaginal examination was recommended – this is one of the uncomfortable stages of labour, or let me say a discomforting yet necessary step in labour preparation.

I had prepared myself for the different stages of labour, going through various resources to understand what to expect. My sister, a nurse, had provided me with valuable insights during our discussions, which made the prospect of a vaginal examination somewhat familiar despite it being my first experience.

During the examination, the medical professional confirmed that I was at 2cm dilation, indicating that while I hadn’t entered active labor, my body was gradually gearing up for the process. Learning that I was only 2cm dilated, far from active labour, I braced for the wait.

Initially, I thought we would be heading back home upon learning that I wasn’t in active labor. However, the medical team decided to admit us to the ward for monitoring purposes. Another ultrasound was recommended, revealing a due date in March, highlighting the common discrepancy of third-trimester ultrasounds in accurately predicting dates.

Moving Into the Ward

To negotiate, my husband and I proposed returning home and returning if we noticed signs of labour . Regrettably, this suggestion was met with the requirement to sign an undertaking, compelling us to remain in the hospital ward as advised. Admitted to the ward alongside other expectant moms, I underwent another uncomfortable vaginal examination revealing minimal progress – a mere 1cm dilation. Choosing to keep this phase private, we refrained from informing family until the actual birth.

We chose to keep our current situation private, preferring to share the news of the baby’s arrival rather than causing undue concern during the labour process. I maintained communication with my supportive line manager at work, and I organized with a colleague in Ibadan to send a dispatch to retrieve my work phone.

As the day ended, I began experiencing mild cramps, initially mistaking them for the onset of the drama, in my mind, I thought we have entered one of the stages of labour, the first stage. Lol. I shared this with my husband, and amidst laughter, we strolled around the hospital, attempting to ease any discomfort. We captured this moment, you can watch the clip here Tiktok

As night fell, my husband, having morning duties, needed to depart, though the nurse expressed concern about the possibility of me going into labour during the night. Despite this, we took the chance, and fortunately, labour didn’t commence that night.

What brought comfort was the continuous monitoring of our baby’s heartbeat and regular doctor check-ins, reassuring us during this waiting period.
On the second day of our hospital stay, my husband arrived in the morning, bearing food and water, exemplifying his care and support. Being alone in Ibadan without proximity between our house and the hospital, the strain of commuting, managing work commitments, and attending to my needs was a lotfor him.

However, he never once displayed any signs of stress or weakness.

I managed to take a picture of my husband sitting beside me while I was on bed during one of the stages of labour
I managed to take a picture of him

During this time, another lady was assigned to the bed beside mine. We were in similar situations as her cervix had not yet begun to dilate when she arrived at the ward, mirroring my own status.

Stagnant Progress and Concerns

In the morning, during the medical check-up, the doctors confirmed I was still at 2cm dilation, indicating no signs of active labour Bobo’s birthday having passed, that was not even an issue, the baby should come. By evening, the doctors returned, expressing concern as my progress remained stagnant, signalling a potential issue that left me anxious.

The following day, marking the third day at the hospital, the doctors returned. They were surprised as I remained at 3cm dilation, despite the baby’s head being positioned downward. To stimulate progress, the doctor performed a membrane sweep, a discomforting procedure for me, initiating intense contractions. Coincidentally, the lady beside me was induced that same morning, it was like we were birth mate, we started feeling contraction together. As her husband was comforting her, mine was comforting me.

The contractions kept increasing, the pain beyond description. I began vomiting, an experience I had somehow escaped during the first trimester, now all happening in a single day. The situation left me unable to eat or find any respite in sleep; all I craved was relief from the distress. My husband, obviously concerned, responded attentively, constantly adjusting his chair to be by my side whenever I shifted on the bed.

Consideration for a C-section and Family’s Arrival

Amidst this pain, the woman beside me progressed rapidly, heading to the labour ward to give birth while me that she met there remained stagnant. I was happy for her but felt bad and sorry for myself.
As evening approached, the nurse suggested a potential C-section due to the lack of progress.

As my labor showed no significant progress and medical discussions ensued, our family member from Ibadan, akin to a senior figure in our family, arrived. She holds a special place in our lives, similar to a motherly figure to me. Concurrently, my husband updated my dad about the situation, choosing not to inform my mom and others to spare them unnecessary worry.


But what unfolded next? Did the birth occur that day? Was it through a C-section or vaginal delivery? Stay tuned for the final episode to unveil the conclusion of this gripping chapter in my pregnancy journey.


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