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Creating Life: A Tale of Love and Growth_My Pregnancy Journey, Episode 9

Settling into Ibadan brought a wave of stability to my pregnancy journey. Work, assignments, and the visible bump marking my third trimester defined this phase. Everyone started calling me called “Iya Ibeji” (Twin Mom).

The third trimester felt like a stretch, I made it a routine to walk daily. Working from home made staying active a priority. However, the idea of sleeping on my left side as recommended for the baby, wore off quickly. One-sided sleep felt unrealistic, I couldn’t lie on my back too as I was told it is unhealthy, neither could I lie on my tummy for the obvious reason.

With my growing belly, I take one step at a time, cautious not to fall. I mastered techniques to ease getting up from lying or sitting positions. Amidst this, my baby’s movement inside my belly brought unfiltered joy, I love watching his movement.

By this time, his wardrobe was ready, and I found myself rearranging it daily, eagerly awaiting his arrival. My hospital bag, well packed with essentials, stood prepared in anticipation.

Baby's wardrobe, third trimester
Such a beautiful wardrobe, it’s handade.
Arranging baby's wardrobe in third trimester
My baby Baby wardrobe

Boredom often led me to go through his belongings, folding and refolding, organizing repeatedly. I think all mothers do this or maybe not.

Maternity Shoot in Third Trimester

As the expected delivery date (EDD) drew nearer, I started making plans for my maternity shoot took shape. I reached out to Josephine, now Glitz by MILO, she had initially made some maternity outfits for me, for this shoot I told her to make a simple yet elegant gown and she came through.

We started searching fo the perfect photographer around us, we later found G Planet Studio, this is the motivation you need to put your work Online. We worked with the inhouse makeup artist and it was a beautiful moment, we had fun taking the shoot and our pictures came in the second day, beautiful picture! I was anticipating the day I would use them to announce the arrival of our little prince.

Below are some if the pictures from my maternity shoot.

Khair in a sitting position on a blue dress and a blue scarf, with a subtle make up and a dangling earrings. Her cute third trimester baby bump is showing signifying a maternity shoot, her husband is right beside her in a blue buba and Sokoto.
We look beautiful fr
Khair in a standing position on a white dress and a blue scarf, with a subtle make up and a dangling earrings. Her cute third trimester baby bump is showing signifying a maternity shoot.
Khair and her husband for maternity shoot
Khair in her Third trimester for maternity shoot
Such a fine pregnant woman.

Birthday package ruined by Fastrack Delivery

With my husband’s birthday falling in the same month as our baby’s expected arrival, I started making plans for his birthday as I did not know of my availability on his birthday. Amidst fluctuating predictions from multiple scans, the earliest forecast was said to be most reliable. Infact, in one of the scans, one fell on the same day as my husband’s birthday nad thankfully, the baby had turned head down by this time, allaying earlier concerns.

In preparation for my husband’s birthday, , I made plan to get him a gift box with different items accompanied by a sweet note, everything went well with the help of my friend Cheeseball, it was supposed to be a surprise until the delivery guy ruined it for me, they really stressed me despite telling them I was pregnant and I should not be going through that kind of emotional struggle, I was supposed to get the birthday present days before his birthday but they refused to deliver, he postponed it to a day to his birthday,

He lied, all for me to find out the order is yet to even leave Ilorin at that point. The communication was bad, poor and terrible. AVOID FAST TRACK DELIVERY. Not only did I missed the surprise for my husband on his birthday, they delivered days after watering down the purpose, as if that was not enough heartache, they stole two items from the box, a cufflinks of 7k and a hand chain of 6k, till date no refund (Let me stop here, just avoid Fastrack Delivery in Ilorin and everywhere).

Can we go to the hospital?

Away from those nonsense people, prior my husband’s birthday, I had initially missed like 3 of my EDDs, almost passing nine months, still no sign of labour, I started doing different exercises, listening to affirmation, praying and trust me, the ninth month is the most tiring month, you will just want to be done with it, like let me just give birth while forgetting the fear of labour. Also, since I clocked 9 months, my mum was always calling me morning and night, though she always calls daily but she increased the number. You can follow this yoga routine in your third trimester Pregnancy Exercise and Yoga

A day to my husband birthday, he had event outside Ibadan, I had little cramp in the morning before he left, we had make plans should in case labour come that day, but it did not come, my husband come back at night, we celebrated his birthday. On his birthday, we had a discussion on the arrival of our son, we have missed another EDD.

Having read about danger of baby overstaying in the womb, we decided to go to the hospital that day, just to rule out any possibility of danger, we even said, I might get induced so my baby can share the same day with his dad.

My husband believe we should go with all the hospital essentials while I believe We should just go first and then make plans based on Doctor’s advice Did we go with the bags? Was I Induced? Did my son share the same day with his dad? Find out in the next episode.

A video before going to the hospital.


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