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Gist With Khair : Childhood Memory

Childhood Memory

Childhood Memory

Childhood Memory!!! One of the stages in life that will forever linger in our minds 😐. Everything!!!

What do you miss? As for me 👉 👇

“You don’t have to be sensible 👽… Daddy’s little girl 👧, mummy’s pet 🐤… Getting away with bad things because you are still a kid 😞; bathing with my sister;playing games with brother 🙄; sleeping with empty mind (nothing to worry about); having enough money for only cookies and sweet, having so many toys 😭 Teddy bear, cars, bicycle and all…. Playing with all of my playmates then 😡😡😡, readings poems aloud 🙄 !!!! Argggh!!! I can write a book on this “

What of you??? Let’s meet in the comment section and talk about childhood memory😘😍😎😉

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