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Creating Life: A Tale of Love and Growth _My Pregnancy Journey, Episode 6

Welcome back to the next chapter of my pregnancy journey. Thank you for always reading. This episode is about choosing hospital for antenatal care, registration and some other juice.

In the last episode, I was talking about choosing hospital for antenatal care, which hospital is the best, private or government owned? Well, we opted for a government owned hospital because a lot of private hospitals in Nigeria train Quacks, I don’t want to be attended to by someone like that.

Not like, Government Hospital doesn’t have it’s own downside, but at least you’re certain whoever is attending to you is a professional.

Choosing Adeoyo Maternity Hospital

After careful consideration about hospital for antenatal care, my husband and I decided that Adeoyo Maternity Hospital would be the best choice for our antenatal care. While it wasn’t conveniently located near our home, we valued the assurance of being attended to by specialists. We also braced ourselves for the possibility of encountering brusque practitioners, understanding that our health and our baby’s well-being took precedence.

The Registration Process:

Registering at Adeoyo Maternity Hospital for antenatal turned out to be quite serious. The waiting area was always bustling with expecting mothers of varying bump sizes. My own cute bump had started to make its presence known, though some onlookers mistook it for mere bloating. The registration process, aptly named “booking,” required a payment, and we were soon christened “Oloyun Adeoyo” – Adeoyo’s pregnant women.

Numerous tests awaited us, including urine, blood, malaria, PCV, and HIV screenings. Once the tests were completed, our personal details were collected, and we were informed of our appointment date. Imagine my surprise when we were asked to return nearly two months later! The wait seemed interminable, but I was assured that all was well since there were no complaints and my baby was thriving. The hospital staff emphasized the importance of coming in immediately if we ever felt unwell or sensed something was amiss.

Preparing for the Baby:

As I entered my second trimester and awaited the next appointment, my husband and I decided to prepare for our baby’s arrival methodically. At the end of each month, we set aside a portion of our salaries to gradually get baby essentials. It was a well-thought-out decision, and we meticulously checked off items from our list. Soon, we became regular patrons at shops in Ogunpa, and before we knew it, we had collected a substantial array of baby supplies.

Antenatal Adventures Continue:

On the day of our first appointment, my husband dropped me off at the hospital bright and early. Antenatal care was a morning affair, so we arrived promptly, only to find a massive crowd awaiting their turn. My husband instructed me to call him when we were finished, expecting a smooth and uneventful visit. I, too, hoped to wrap up early to focus on work.

The antenatal session proved to be engaging, with expectant mothers numbered and attended to according to their appointment sequences. We received informative lectures covering various aspects of pregnancy, including dietary advice, sleep patterns, and managing work commitments. They even debunked common pregnancy myths.

After the educational session, it was time for testing. Our blood pressure, blood samples, and tummy examinations followed. Fortunately, everything checked out perfectly for me. We were given our next appointment date, and we celebrated by dancing and singing. I ENJOYED THE SINGING AND DANCING SESSIONS, it awakens my soul , also an emotional moment for me, the songs were sweet with deep meanings. I kept my husband updated throughout the process, even sending him a voice note featuring the songs we sang while letting him know we were almost done.

A Surprise Call:

Eager to share my day’s adventures and some news about school with my husband, he had initially told me he was on his way to pick me up but I received a surprising call from him. He requested that I find my way home on my own, promising to explain later. Suspicion and worry crept in; this was unusual of my husband. I called him back immediately to understand what went wrong.

He reiterated, “Aduke, please find your way home; I won’t be able to come. Something happened.”

My mind raced with questions. I was shocked and tense, contemplating how to get home, what had transpired with my husband’s sudden change in plans, and what had unfolded at school. My focus remained divided as I grappled with these unsolved questions while trying to maintain my composure at work.

The events that followed would bring about significant changes, and you’ll uncover the details in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned!

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