My NYSC Camp Experience (Episode 7)

My Camp Connect

I met an array of people during my stay in camp; people from diverse cultures, tribe and religion with lots of different energies from them.
I co-habited with these people, related, dined and wined with them all. I met lots of people, and mentioning each person by their names will take forever; therefore I choose to pick few out of many special ones (Juicy).
Who do I start with?! Hmmm…lol… okay, let me start with the one you just read about from the last episode and that is no other person than “Shugar” .


The weird one, one of the strong girls I have ever seen, should I call her a girl or a boy? Well, I am in stuck between making a decision out of the two options; because she is a total Tomboy! Shugar was my classmate back in University, so camping together was amazing. She became a family when I found myself in the midst of strangers, and she gave me that positive energy throughout my stay. Such a wonderful soul with naughty act.

Shugar and I
Shugar had huge impact on my stay in the kitchen; and she is one of the biggest fans of the shout out show. She told me I have a nice voice (That’s a motivation if you don’t know); we were always out for meals together, lectures as well, one of the few people with whom I love to sit with in the pavilion.

Sitting with her would make you forget your worries as you will laugh helplessly to a point of hysteria! One of our criminal acts was sitting at the far back during social night events; while throwing groundnut pods or popcorns at random people. These people would look back but have a tiny clue about the mysterious being(s) staging the offensive play; because, we were always pensive and Innocent. At times, we would point at each other which would always lead to confusion… whoa, good old days, I have missed shugar!

She loved to put me in trouble as well, she is a bully , she could just come to my bed and wake me up for nothing. Well, I can never forget my volley ball trial because I can still feel the pain in my ring finger up until now (coming up in my blue episode).
My camp experience is never complete without a dose of Shugar in it.


Chukwukadibia Paliechi, my camp husband, lol. We got married in the kitchen by the way. Palis is one of the amazing beings I met in camp, he is indeed an icon. The only person that claimed to be a Jew and Christian at the same time (he is that weird). He is so good at French (Converses like a natural) and it is sad that we couldn’t finish our French lesson class.

Palis and I

Much as Palis and I didn’t get the chance to talk, yet we still talked a lot! Physical contact was abysmal and I could only blame ‘me’ for that. Palis would always tell me I was good at hiding which was actually not my fault but OBS and all… Time spent with Palis will always remain memorable! He has a great mind and speaks with purpose. His keen interest in learning new things will wow you; Palis grew interest in learning Arabic and trust me he was improving until…

I have learnt a lot from him; you know this popular myth that Igbo people do eat human beings, well Palis is from that particular area, “Mbaise people of Imo State”, he told me about the misconception on how they used that thing to scare colonial masters away. Guess what?! Palis didn’t eat me!

Palis and I became good friends even though we have different faith according to religion, and our diversed culture happened to cause our means of becoming so close. Oh! Did I tell you Palis is part of Shugar’s criminal gang? lol… I have missed Palis Company; greatly😥!


My Rhoda, my lovely River’s babe, my story isn’t complete without Rhoda. I met Rhoda through Shugar and we shared a room and coincidentally,bed corner. We started clicking from there. I loved to sit with her in the pavilion, she is also an OBS fan who always gets my shout out.

Khair et Rhoda

Rhoda gave me a name “Small” lol. We worked together in the kitchen too. Lectures are not always boring with Rhoda beside me, I slept very well with Rhoda beside me (don’t get a negative thought).
She was also part of Platoon 2’s volley ball team and she was the first runner up of big bold and beautiful; believe me, she is really bold and beautiful.


Remember my episode 2? That beautiful fair lady? Yes, she is the one!Her name is Aminah and she was my bunkie too! How can this story be complete without Aminah? She is an awesome fellow with a good heart.

Aminah and I

We also found ourselves in the same quarter guard, she got a lot of shout out too.
She was always complaining about my calls, I was the one at the upper part of the bunk while she was far down. I’ve missed our time together, her smile and her cute face.


“Colinos”. We didn’t really talk much, but he is one amazing being, he was Palis’ bestfriend in camp and Shugar’s criminal squad gang. I got to know him more after camp 💔 .Mr.Collins my cheerful Froglins!


Osinachi, the pastor that tied Palis and I together. He is a funny being who loves to trouble me, a lot. He gave me the name “OBSsmallie”. From afar, judging his personality always hold an ace of misunderstanding, but on proximity, it would be found out that the guy holds a beautiful personality .


He and his funny zanku steps, well he is good at it. OC made my stay a wonderful one.

Laundry Woman

This woman, eased a little part of my stress. she was the one that helped with my box; so she automatically became my laundry woman.
I love her energy, very hardworking young woman; I only washed once throughout my stay (Don’t call me Lazy). She was just a call away and would readily come to pick my clothes for laundry and return them with swift delivery.
Of course she got paid for all her services, but she really made me feel at home. she is a very nice woman, I must say!


The crook guy with many names; MC Daddy, Wizkid … The guy that breaks the rules with confidence, the one with leg wound throughout our stay That was his story (scam) so he could be pardoned for wearing slip on).
Always chewing gum like a lady! Well, Kayode is a very cool nigga. He added sauce to my shout out show; we were always there together to give people the best of shout out show. He is talented in the line of broadcasting and he is a very good MC.


The girl with an amazing voice. The calm and cool damsel of the OBS, I together with her co-anchored the OBS daily newspaper review. it was nice working with her.
Also, she was a vibrant member of Plantoon 2 and a mate.


The small but mighty creature! The lady of her words. The OBS Studio manager (Mind you, those mind blowing, heartwarming qualities can’t all be read off freely…). A wonderful lady with beautiful heart ; she shoulders the responsibilities of OBS and she carried it so well and to the bank of success.

The girl with pink pouch

It was nice working with her. From a distance, you might misunderstand her character, but knowing her better will help you uncover lots of hidden treasures in her. Her authoritative voice wowed me from day 1.
Yemi is a creative fellow and she was the one that drew my beautiful face paint during carnival.


I met this little bunny at the OBS Studio, permit me to call her the OBS bunny. She is awesomely cute, one of my special personalities in the OBS studio; a great observer and calmly doing so! When she got free with you, her madness is not from this world.
We would always go to the mosque together from the OBS studio. A lady blessed with an angelic voice; the first person to tell me I have a nice voice (blush). With this cheese ball, you will always be on another level of positive vibes.

Khair et Cheese ball

She is filled with live, always cheerful like a child with no worries.
Take it or leave it, she started her mission as my personal photographer from camp. She is a rare gem.

Mr. Ayodeji

OBS meanie 🙄, the one with this very weirdo first impression, but turned out to be amazing ☺. Behind his mild nature is a very nice guy. I’m now his favorite muse 😂😂😂.
He has speciality in causing trouble, the one that gave me “Screenshot”😡. He writes with light, meaning he is a great photographer.


She was my classmate in school and a very good friend. Meeting her was quite lovely. We shared memories, one of them was about a time I couldn’t use the POS in camp , my ATM card was not working with the POS. I was extremely broke (sad)! Summonu borrowed me money. “I’m really grateful, dear”.


Definition of strong lady. She caught my heart with her cheerful nature; free with everyone around. She was appointed as the hostel prefect and she did a wonderful job in coordinating the affairs of the hostel. Her beauty won’t let you know she is a mother.

Captain Wakawa

The strong funny man, the fierce nice man. This is our Camp Commandant, he has this unique personality that made a lot of girls fell for him 😂🤣… Me exclusive…🙄 He is one of the people you would love to meet in a life time.
A lot of girls were crushing on our camp commandant, never knowing he’s married to a beautiful lady 🤣. This news broke a lot of people’s heart ( I don’t wanna start mentioning names).

Captain Wakawa

I like his personality, he’s a man of his words, he is the decision maker of the camp, he is like a two edged sword. He has this scary part that you can’t stand, the one that will make you pee on your body. His eyes burning like that of angry lion is what you would not want to witness! Just follow all their (almighty) rules then you will escape his rage. The other side is his funny side; his smile will make you laugh as he can easily switch from anger to calmness vis a vis (the man with the woman’s mood swings)… There’s this line that he used as his opening anytime he wants to make an address, “Gentlemen corps members, can you all year me?”. Captain Wakawa will boldly tell us that “I will damage you, even if your village people are following you “. There were a whole lot of his funny words. People gave him the name “Captain Wakanda ”

Captain Wakawa

Captain Wakawa was always part of our Quater Guard training so I got to know him more. “Alhaja!”, that was his name for me. Ofcourse, I’ve been dealt with by captain Wakawa 🤣🤣🤣, but I will tell you the details in the next episode.

Platoon 2/ 2 Platoon

The family I met aside the Quater Guard; my identity! We dined and wined together, we won and lost together, we got punished and played together. We were strangers who never had choices but to work together; from diverse cultures, backgrounds and religions, yet we made a formidable team!

Ajumobi Boys

The comic boys’ set with the best medicine to relief tension and stress in camp. They initially weren’t a crew, but who were brought together as one; they share the same Hostel! The Ajimobi hostel is the biggest boys’ hostel in that camp, so it has VIP and extension.
The main Ajimobi boys stayed in a hall that contained more than 1000 roomates with series of madness.
You can imagine living in a room of more than 1000 people, damn! Ajimobi boys are trouble makers, very funny. I saw them as a set of people who don’t have any other choice but to create fun for themselves amidst strangers.
They got into a lot of troubles because they were just too many for them to be trouble free, there will always be someone or some set of people that will put them in trouble. Their rooms were always filled with fun. I love the Ajimobi boys’ energy.

Olubadan Girls

This is my hostel! Olubadan hostel, we are not that popular in camp because we were somehow quite and always abide by certain rules 🙁 But in that quite hostels lived some crazy beings who made the hostel a lively one 🌚.
We were up to 60 inside my room so i had neighbors aside my bunk mates. There was a lady named Hauwa, who would crack you up with her funny Yoruba accent, she’s a Hausa lady who got married to a Yoruba man. There’s Ella and her bunk mate, Rhoda. Albeit, the entire memories shared with these girls were worth it. Amongst us were those who would wake up by 3 just to make up, people who would disturb your sleep, people who were not always cool with light on and off. oh, I was the sole controller of the switch as it was located right under my nose; beside my bunk.

So, as we were about leaving the camp, our hostel prefect, Bola, made a suggestion that we have a ‘in-house party’, and I was picked as the host 🤗.
We all contributed tokens, we got ourselves entertained with soft drinks and snacks.
We had fun while introducing ourselves to one another. It was indeed a nice experience; even though we were later sent to bed by the man o war (eyesores!)

Permit me to stop at this jucture before I run the ink downn. Trust me, your name might be missing here but you were all amazing 😀…

My next episode is about the ups and downs encountered in camp. You don’t want to miss it, plus I have a very interesting fictional story coming up.

Thank you for coming this far, thank you for reading.

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  1. Adeyemo Abdullateef Alao

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    Amazing side of the story to me was Rhoda being the sleeping drug to as it is against the traditional perception of fat people attached to snoring. Thank God that you’re saved from being consumed by Shugar as the common belief.

    • opeyemy

      April 5, 2019 at 9:59 pm

      I love you screenshot💜💜

      • Khair

        April 5, 2019 at 10:04 pm

        Thank you

    • Khair

      April 5, 2019 at 10:03 pm

      Lol, thank you so much for reading this Far

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    I love you screenshot💜💜

    • Khair

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      Thank you

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    This is too beautiful.

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    Well done you are doing a wonderful job.

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