Depressed Soul

“Hmmm”, Tayo sighed as she looked at her result; once again, she had failed this same course she had been failing from the start.

She was so angry at herself, this was never the kind of life she imagined for herself, she promised herself to be one of the top students but this dream has been shattered over and over again.
Tayo was a very bright student, she started her academic sojourn on a very good note, she passed the first semester with high flying colours, and she vowed to keep this good record.

She started the second semester with full enthusiasm; she made sure she attended all lectures. She avoided everything that will distract her education.

Tayo is truly a diva, her skin is like that of a newly born baby, she has these amusing lips that every guy will want to taste, her eyes are naturally lined, which complement her beautiful smile.

Tayo didn’t allow her beauty to get in her academic way. But her beauty is always noticeable even without enhancement.

On a sunny afternoon, she was on her way to the lecture room, she felt the need to use the rest room and she went straight to the nearest one, by the time she was done, she looked at her beautiful wrist well wraped with a wrist watch, she freaked out as she saw that she was already late for the lecture, she quickly rushed down to the lecture theatre, where she found her mates seated, a short round man with a pot sized belly was standing in front of the students, he looked at Tayo with discomfort,

He ordered Tayo out of the lecture theatre as he continued the lecture. Immediately after the lecture, Tayo got to know there was an impromptu test. She was so sad, she thought of going to Dr. Sam’s office (The lecturer).

She got to the door, she was so scared of knocking and before she could even do anything the door was widely opened and Dr. Sam was standing infront of her, she was shocked as he asked her “How may I help you?”, she replied “ I am sorry for disturbing you sir, I missed your test today because I came in late”.
Dr. Sam smiled as he proceeded to his seat, he asked Tayo to come in, but Tayo was surprised at Dr. Sam’s sudden change, she could not fathom why he suddenly became nice, she pleaded with him to allow her write a make-up test, but to her surprise, Dr. Sam agreed .

She was so elated, as she was leaving, Dr. Sam called her back, he gave a lustful smile as he told her “Young lady, what is your name?” “Tayo” she replied, Dr. Sam expressed his interest in Tayo, he told her about how life is about give and take, “Nothing comes for free!” as Dr. Sam said, to write the test, “you have to pay a price”.

Tayo was so irritated at this man’s words; she stormed out of his office in anger. She promised to meet up with every other thing, other tests and exam. She gave up on this mark and vowed to work hard to pass the course rather than giving her virtue for that “disgusting” man as she fondly say.

Tayo was playing hide and seek with this lecturer till the end of the semester, she wrote the exam and she was expecting her second semester result to be better than the first one.

Finally, her second semester result was out, she was happy to see her good grades, the smile on her face suddenly disappeared when she realized she failed GNS 102 which of course was Dr. Sam’s course.

She was so furious; she couldn’t handle the failure and the drastic change in her grade point. “What next she asked herself?” she went helplessly to Dr. Sam’s office; she wept bitterly and begged him to free her of this bondage.

Dr. Sam smiled and told her, “Tayo, this is something I can change once you are ready to do what I want”. Once again, she stormed out his office, she looked for help but found none.

This was how Tayo never pass this particular course, she kept on failing this same course every semester, she sought for help but even the head of her department wanted to have a taste of Tayo.

It was time for their final exam, she still has this outstanding GNS 102, she was desperate to do anything just to pass this course for she was aware a failure at this time meant she will not be graduating with her mates.

She kept on looking for different solutions to get out of this mess but the only possible solution she could think of was what she had been avoiding.

She made up her mind and she went to Dr. Sam’s place, She was still a virgin but she let her guard down for Dr. Sam who was so happy to have conquered this young girl.

She was at the worst moment of her life, she did what she had never dreamt of doing just for her to graduate.

After her romantic blues with Dr. Sam, the graduating list was out, Tayo wasn’t bothered as she was very sure , she will come out with flying colors. She sashayed to the notice board.

She couldn’t find her name in the first list, she smiled as she moved to the next one, she kept on moving until she got to the final list.

Oooops! Her name was at large, she failed GNS 102! She quickly ran to Dr. Sam’s office, and she barged into the office in tears.
Dr. Sam gave this lustful smile “cry not my darling, tell me what is going on” Tayo responded in anger “ My name was not on the graduating list, guess what? I failed your course!”

Dr. Sam was not surprised, he moved closer to Tayo who stepped back , then he told her “I just want to spend more times with you, it took you long before you give yourself to me, you are a very sweet girl, just give me this last time.

Tayo could not believe her ears as she left the office in tears, she started wailing on the road, everyone was looking at her but she was not even aware.
She got back to the hostel, she couldn’t think right, she thought of how she lost her virginity to this same man and how this man turned her to his sex worker.

“Gosh! I’m useless,” look at Sade, she’s done with school, my mates are excelling, I’m here like a stagnant water. She had this conversation with her depressed soul.

She took into isolation, her sad thought started breaking down her walls. She was imprisoned by the dark depressed soul.

This soul wouldn’t leave ! It got to peak, she got tired of it all, she couldn’t take it no more…

She ventured into drug, she thought that would help heal up her broken heart…

She found love with drug, She turned it to normal diet she felt that was the only thing that could make her feel alive .

Alas! Reality caught up to her, nothing has changed except her mental well-being. She wasn’t thinking right, she had lost it all to the drug…


‘Oh, rest in peace”, her depressed soul said to her, “take this painful exit” “Nothing to loose, but you will gain peace of mind, go to heaven and rest”. What a victory for her depressed soul, the depressed soul has successfully put down the other soul.
She fell into this trap, she made up her mind in her mindlessness, the thought of suicide filled her head.
She got an insecticide, she was hesitant, but her depressed soul was tempting her.

Luckily, before she took this dangerous step, she got help, she conquered, her other soul came in human form to help.

Day in day out, she started the battle with her depressed soul, behold! She won!

She got out of isolation, rejection, thought of failure, she ruled out her darkness and blues.

She had people to lean on, she wrote a letter to a human right NGO who took legal action against the institution and the lecturer

She is a warrior
Depression is lost the battle!
And now,,she walks around in victorious Smile ☺

Idea -Sharon Aluku

Written by Khair

Model- Sharon Aluku



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    1. Thanks for the write up, it’s really helpful in fighting depression. You have empowered our inner soul not to succumb but rather fight depression when it comes…… Keep it up dear.

  1. Great work, a really nice piece.
    An advice for us all is that, when we find ourselves in Tayo’s shoes, we should find a way to get solid proof to nail such person(the lecturer) and not destroy our own life, or lose your virtue.
    Bravo…. Respect…

  2. Hmmm…life is not easy for some as they fight depression. Thank you for another encouragement for us all. Sharon my love well done dear.

  3. The thing about life, real life, in school, in the family, at work and everywhere is one will definitely face difficult moments and problems that you never planned for. Situation that would drive you crazy. At that moment when you’ve tried all your best and you keep failing….one should never stop trying, praying and seeking for help. Our challenges are meant to straighten our life….to test us….and we should never give in.
    This is so wonderful. This write up is aspiring and it endulge the encouragement spirit and idea needed to overcome our situation. Bless ?

  4. Exactly what most suffered and still suffering from, for any problem whatsoever, keeping mute can’t conquer. Reach out for help,tell many positive souls that you can find around (solution don’t always reside with worried/worrying soul).
    This will really travel a long way in helping depression et isolation off our society.

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