Coming up with an advertisement is a very creative work that requires extraordinary creativity. All those beautiful and catchy advertisements that you see have a lot attached to them .
You don’t just sit and write an Advertisement, you think wide and wild.
Conduct an Indepth Research
Do a background check on product and brand before you get the brief. Know the product or brand like the back of your hand. Check if it’s new or old one that needs re-branding.
Read And Digest Your Client Brief
Read your the brief from cover to cover, scrutinize it because that is. your compass.
The brief will contain key information, that’s where you will know the objective of your client and the audience your client is targeting.
Get The Objective Clear
You don’t want to send wrong message to the target audience! So know your client objective, why they are doing this, what they want to achieve at the end of the day. If you didn’t get it ask your client again and again.
Know Your Target Audience
The people you want to pass your message to are very essential. Research more about them, their norms, what they want and what they will have interest in. This will give you effective message idea 💡.
Do A SWOT Analysis
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. These four elements are very important. You determine everything and then decide where to come in; either from the strength or from the weakness angle or both side.

Find The Unique Selling Point.
Every product has this! They must have what makes them unique, what make it better than its competitors .
Read More
Read more about advertisement and everything attached to it.
Look at Previous Advertisement
You can do a SWOT analysis for the previous work of the brand or product. Do not repeat previous mistakes but learn from them.
Get Ideas From Other Advert
Watch other a campaigns and advertisements that are on the same line with what you doing. For example if you are promoting a school; watch other schools advertisements and get more insghts on what you are doing, know how it is done and learn from it.

Credit : Khair

Develop a Catchy Phrase
This will be a line that will attract the audience like Coca-Cola’s share the feeling, Heineken share the drama, Airtel Data is life. Pass your message in one simple sentence.
Know what fits each medium
Know what the print people will want, TV, Radio and online Audience and determine the intensity.
Dare to be Creative
Do something someone has never done before. Turn each idea you get into a newborn baby. At the beginning, I told you to think wide and wild . Swim in the pool of ideas and don’t be scared to write and write until you get there. Thanks for stopping by 💞💝💖and don’t forget to leave a comment😍😘💞💝🖤
Note: this piece is purely from my experience with no iota of plagiarism so do not copy without making reference.😎

I am Hummulikhair Aderonke Lawal, a graduate of the Department of Mass Communication Fountain University Osogbo. I believe that versatility will take you anywhere so I decided to be versatile. I am a presenter, a voice artist, video editor, audio editor, graphics artist, writer and I am now a blogger. All pictures and graphics here were designed by myself. Thanks for stopping by😍💞💝💗💕

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