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Hey! Let’s Gist?: Once Upon a Long Night

My long night experience

Hello ?! let’s gist about my long night experience and how God taught me a big lesson ?!

On Saturday, February 27th, 2021. I saw one under skin boil on my face, I didn’t like it and so I wanted it to dissapear immediately as I kept checking the mirror.

By evening, it was already so big and I was so dejected because of it. I wouldn’t stop checking it and it kept getting bigger, I was in deep thought and before I knew it, it caused me a mood swing.

Then I started to ask myself ” why would I have a boil, why now? Even though Bobo was telling me that it’s nothing serious.

At about 8:30pm we were watching America got talent on YouTube, I was pressed and so I left to use the toilet, while I made my way back into his arms, I stopped again to check the mirror and yes, the boil was still there as big as it was before if not even bigger?.

I sat down at the edge of the bed, picked up my phone, then I googled “How to shrink a boil overnight” I saw different options and I opted for warm water compression.

I stood up to boil some water, got a clean cloth and I went to the sitting room to tend to my boil ??.

Bobo came out and was surprised to see the effort I was putting into a mere boil ?. we went in together and I was moody , I told him I wasn’t interested in the video again.

Then I said “God why? Please take this boil away”, within few seconds my body started to itch me, I didn’t know what went wrong and I thought it was just mere itching, then suddenly all of my body started to itch.

It started like something small before I knew it, it escalated and we both thought it was just an insect bite, in a blink of an eye I was already shouting “my palm” “Bobo my leg” “yeh my feet” “Ah my head” “Shit my face”

Both of us were at the time confused, I went to the mirror and I said in a teary voice, “Bobo ! see my face” My face has become swollen, it doubled its initial size, I was another version of myself, my lip became puffed like ponmo (Cow skin)

I screamed! what is this, what is happening to me? I could feel some sort of sensitivity in my skin, the way it was palpitating. Through all this, bobo already had a clue of what the problem possibly was, but I was lost!

He called it “egbesi” in yoruba, I was already boiling water but he said I need to stay away from water for now! ahhh ! egbami (Help me), he went to the kitchen and brought palm oil, lmao I was already naked, I can’t even remember how, but I was.

When I heard palm oil could subdue it, I said we have another palm oil bottle, pour it on me, pour it from my head! I didn’t care about my hair. I wanted to cry but I could not afford a tear drop on my face because it’d increase the itching, I don’t want my face disfigured.

Bobo couldn’t take it anymore, he cautioned me to stop scratching my body aggressively! He was even telling me that “you won’t have smooth legs again if you scratch your body” “you will have bruises dear” “This thing will go in few minutes but your bruises wouldn’t”

I cried out “it was really itching me” I don’t want to have wounds but it was itching me” he held my hand and hugged me, he said “I wish I can transfer this to my body so you will stop experiencing this please stop scratching your body”

After a while, I started feeling better, my face came back to normal, it started going down bit by bit. I was seeking for God’s forgiveness, as I kept on whispering (Astagafirllah) and I was saying thank you God, Alhamdulillah!!!!

I realized how ungrateful I was because of a mere boil, I was moody and was questioning His choice, then He showed me that I can experience something bigger than that and there is nothing I will do.


We went to the bathroom, I had a very warm bath, I scrubbed my body to get rid of all the palm oil and yippee??!! I’m fine again then Bobo told me can you see what God is showing you? He said it as if he was reading my mind, he’s showing you that there’s something worse than that boil of yours!

Well, thank God, but it was 30 minutes of madness, I rubbed shea butter on my boil, cuddled my husband as we said goodnight with warm kisses ?. It’s nice to have him by my side and I’m grateful for his care .

Be Grateful!

That’s my story, it was a long night for us! no matter what you’re going through, there are people going through worse things. God will not give you what you can’t handle.

So, have you ever been in a situation that you were ungrateful to God because you’re in that situation? share a similar experience in the comment section, it doesn’t necessarily have to be about boil ?, it can be anything!

Happy New Month Fam ❤️??

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  1. Hmmmmm that night heeeen babe was doing so many funny things, funny how I can’t even laugh the cute little smile was no where to be found, a great lesson which we all need to learn and apply into our everyday activities.

  2. Good morning and happy New day full of blessings,
    I’m oloye Joshua by name
    Without no doubt I love your writeup
    Also a blogger do you mind a invitation on a write-up on my page….

  3. Subhanallahi. Wallahi, some of us will not appreciate the health Allah has bestowed on us until he showed us the other way round. I have experienced something related to this, I thought the world would end that very day buy it was a story I reserved for another day. Let’s hive thanks to God, for the gift of life, many are out there in the hospital struggling for life but here we are today… Alhamdulilah.

    But I give kudos to Bobo for that brave support. Your courage,with the help of Allah resulted to the positive reaction.You didn’t panic but attended to the whole scenario, not leaving God aside.

    Thanks for the piece.

  4. This is beautiful. The lesson of the story is that in every position we find ourselves, we should be grateful to God. There are worst situations that could have happened but he has knowledge of every situations in human life. I’m currently going through some challenges now, at the beginning it was like the whole world will end but as time goes on, things keep sorting out. We should be grateful to him. Kudos Khair for the wonderful write up.

  5. God has a way of making us understand that ungratefulness is a sin even if he never mentioned it verbally or via his commandments. I learnt through… My baby has to read this too cos i want to be there for her like bobo did too❤

  6. Ka sha madupe!
    I’m totally ruin out of word. Anyway, it sound comic and in other hands hilarious. If I remember correctly, I’m once the victim of that in year 2002. That egeshi is funny eeh the more you scratch your body, it will persist and it will be sweeting you. My class teacher needs to bring me home, later Grandma grind potash *Kanhu* together with kerosene and palm oil. With in tinkle blink of eye, I slept like puppy….
    The side effects thus Headache, my body systems is overheating like car with burned gasket… May almighty Allah in his infinite rahma grant us everlasting good health, may he also guide us right. The challenges that will make us think Allah is ungrateful to us would never be our portion. Well penned darling.

  7. We need to be grateful all the time, seriously am just laughing with this story sha. Pele baby, that just a tip of it… Alhamdulilah should be our food before breakfast, lunch, dinner. Almighty Allah says no matter who you are, where you are from I shall test you with anything. That is why iman is very essential. Thanks

  8. Istagfiru robbakum innahu kanna gafaroh
    May God forgive us all for the things we say to him out of sadness and depression.
    Which of his favour can we deny,none
    Thanks for sharing this with us dear,more ink to ur pen.

  9. Alhamdulillah, I have experienced similar thing too even more than once, most especially when I am sick, it will be as if my life will end with the sickness, then I will remember those we’ve cross paths and started saying astagfirullah..lols
    No matter where we are, no matter the situation, let always remember Allah by saying alhamdulillah.

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